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That's What Living's for

That's What Living's for

  • Door Peter Britt
  • Release 5-1-1999
  • Muziekgenre Country
  • Media-indeling CD
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Peter Britt's first album is a journey into the world of rocking/country. From the first track your heart will start beating out of control. The music is from the heart with the purest feelings and driving passion. First track to the last, you'll experience one man's life, love, triumps and his defeats all through his music. Band members: Peter Britt: Vocals-writing-arrangement-rhythm guitar And Peter's backup band: Lead guitar, bass, drums. Track number one, 'Blue Jeans, High Heels & Fire Red Hair' Just listen to it. It's what starts the CD off! Track number two, 'Lay The Sugar On' will please the pickiest country lover who needs that driving country feeling. It's a departure from mainstream country/rock. A BIG departure. It's a 'hit' tune, if you've ever heard one! Track three, 'Sheri Lynn', is a very personal song to Peter Britt. He terms it as such: 'It was that once in a lifetime, only way I could ever tell you how I love you song.' Get your tissues out ladies, this is straight from an honest heart and it's sure to put you away and steal your heart! Track four, 'It Only Takes a Moment', the first country attempt Peter Britt ever made is a smooth country middle of the road song. Get your Pinà Colada and lay back and drift away with Peter Britt. Track #5, 'Sweet On My Mind' is Peter's addition of a traditionakl country/gospel feeling tune on his CD. Big messages included in the tune, you'll be able to relate baby! Track #6, 'What's Living For?' is the working and 'loving' man's anthem to life and love. So, do you work hard every day, but it seems that you just keep getting knocked down? Listen to this tune, it's just for you and for those who know why they keep getting back up every time! #7? YES, the infamous track #7 indeed! 'Plain Ole' Jane' is for the regular ladies. NOT for the fancy flyers, just the Plain Ole' Jane's. Well, ya'll ain't really quite so plain, after all, are you! Tune #8, 'I Guess I Won't See You Anymore'. This is a true story 'Believe it, or not!'. It's precisely what Peter Britt was thinking standing at the alter. It's the truth! Track #9, 'Always Be My Girl'. What can I say? It's an anthem to love and loving a woman more and more, every single day of your life. It's smooth, really smooth. #10, 'I Remember When'. Peter Britt wrote this for his father, after he passed away. It's a song for his father that he thought many would appreciate, so he shared it on the CD. However, it was not his initial plan to use it, as it is a very personal message. Again, get the tissues. Track #11, 'I Was Gonna Be Her Man'. Love at first sight? Maybe. Maybe, it's just track #11 too, you be the judge!


Kunstenaar: Peter Britt
Titel: That's What Living's for
Genre: Country
Releasedatum: 5-1-1999
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 620953064029


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