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Divine Day Formula

Divine Day Formula

  • Door Mother Flux
  • Release 6-2-2007
  • Muziekgenre Rock
  • Media-indeling CD
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METHOD MAN BROUGHT THE PAIN. BILL CLINTON FELT THE PAIN. MOTHER FLUX HEALS YOUR PAIN. Mother Flux formed in New York City as a rock power trio by songwriter-guitarist John Madera with three goals in mind. First, to create energetic music fusing rock, funk, and noise. Second, to hit all the dives with songs, extended improvisations, and poetry that bordered on invocations of holy spirits. And finally, release an album of original music that rocks the head and shakes the rump. Mother Flux's music easily fits in shuffle play with the likes of The Mars Volta, Rainer Maria, Sparta, and Built To Spill along with the Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Jane's Addiction, and the Smashing Pumpkins, while segueing seamlessly into Godzilla rock like Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath. They serve a mixed drink of Seattle grudge music, Sixties freakflag flying, heart-on-sleeve ballads, New York Noise, and machines making love. Award-winning poet John Madera's credits include playing with John Legend's keyboardist Chris Rob, D'Angelo's touring guitarist Jef Lee Johnson, Dub Trio's Stu Brooks, My Brightest Diamond's Shara Worden, Dub Affair and Noirkestra's Benoir, Bogs Visionary Orchestra's Alex Talavera, Poet Sage Sipp, Victor Wooten's drummers J.D. Blair and Derico Watson, and Indian classical music violinist Ganesh Prasad. John is equally adept at guitar, voice, bass, and drums and counts Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Dave Grohl as multi-instrumentalist paragons. His soloing is an amalgam of the caterwaul shrieks of Vernon Reid and Sonny Sharrock, the layered terraces of Mahavishu Orchestra's John McLaughlin, and the searing blues of Jimi Hendrix, or at least he thinks so. A schoolteacher from the West Coast, who moonlights as a rockabilly punk, said John's vocals sound like a cross between the Dead Kennedy's Jello Biafra and Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker. Huh? Must be that excessive melisma thing going on. Here's a story about Mother Flux: Spinning the dial of the Radiohead, the Talking Heads pour some Cream into a Buckethead. Jimi screams about his Bad Brains then coughs up a Fishbone in Living Colour. A Public Enemy spreads Pearl Jam on some Stones rolling into Muddy Waters. The Police are called and frisk the Innocent Criminals. Doctor Funkenstein and Doctor Feelgood talk about The Cure for Jane's Addiction because she still runs to her Chemical Brothers. Stepping on the shoulders of Beatles they still sink in Quicksand. Sonic Youth plant the Roots in the Soundgarden. She draws A Perfect Circle with her Nine Inch Nails. Eating Red Hot Chili Peppers while Smashing Pumpkins he shouts, "Faith No More! Let's Return to Forever!" and "Go ask Alice In Chains for a song of freedom!" Al Green tells Otis Redding that he's feeling Kind Of Blue. Then James Brown paints it black. Watching David Lynch At The Drive-in he Rages Against The System of a Down. They argue whether to Let It Be or Let It Bleed. Opening the Doors of the Temple of the Dog he finds the Last Poets swimming in Muddy Waters. She consults the Weather Report and thinks aloud, "Looks like Love and Rockets in the air." He shakes his head and says, "the answer my friend is Blowing In The Wind." He climbs a Tower of Power then calls the Tribal Tech to check The Meters. Tom Waits while Bill Withers. Neil Young says he hopes he dies before he gets old. She kisses his Flaming Lips. He watches her Ghost Dog take Giant Steps and whispers, "Instant Karma's going to get you" then reaches Nirvana. In Bermuda, under a Marquee Moon, she reflects on her love triangle with Squarepusher and A Perfect Circle and turns on the Television on the Radiohead. On the next Black Sabbath he writes a Song of Despair but on Sunday Bloody Sunday says Nevermind. For those still wondering who or what Mother Flux is: Mother Flux is never and forever and whenever. Mother Flux is your birthday wish. Mother Flux is grilled Portobello mushroom juice trickling out your mouth. Mother Flux is coconut water dreamily satisfying. Mother Flux is waterfalling for you. Mother Flux is there is no plan b Mother Flux is a love engine. Mother Flux is a parade of renewal. Mother Flux is a carnival of embracing. Mother Flux is a resurrection party. Mother Flux is the bombastic balm. Mother Flux is gushing moonbeams. Mother Flux is blinking sunrays. Mother Flux is Christmas tree lights blinking year-round. Mother Flux is doing amazing things with your legs. Mother Flux is a merciful escapade and a journey to your center. Mother Flux is a charged up what it's all about. Mother Flux is alarming cascades of healing. Mother Flux is a sunshower reflecting all over. Mother Flux is a sacramental orgy. Mother Flux is falling splendor and rain-soaked miracles. Mother Flux is solemn kisses bridging caverns. Mother Flux is euphoric bursts of glistening memories. Mother Flux is unbridled feeling and glorious trust. Mother Flux is rosy celebrations and surrender to love. Mother Flux is a map of beginnings and starting over again. Mother Flux is medicinal making-out. Mother Flux is naked blessings and reunity. Mother Flux is a delicious remedy. Mother Flux is a golden crown reflecting stars. Mother Flux is a spiked knock-out punch-drunk baptism. Mother Flux is a spirit-led laying on of hands. Mother Flux is unction funk. Mother Flux is cassava leaves, grape leaves, and autumn leaves. Mother Flux is licking you correct. Mother Flux is fuzzy math. Mother Flux is babbling revelations. Mother Flux is tomorrow and today and yesterday.


Titel: Divine Day Formula
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 6-2-2007
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 837101287944
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