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Album Review from 'As music consumers, we so often relish in the task of trying to set apart a band as one-to-watch, and/or which band will become the next big thing. More often than not, this quest forces us to wade through releases that are often underwhelming and mediocre. Neither of those sentiments though can be said about the eight song EP Sleepless by Bronx, New York band A Moment's Worth. Beginning with the hard-hitting opener "Unsound," the quintet let's listeners know that their brand of ferocious rock is not to be taken lightly. The bass lines are energetic, the drums are propulsive, and the guitar riffs are fiery. Lead vocalist Alex Bondarev, whose vocals are restrained for much of the eight songs, allows the music to take center stage, and let's his voice take second fiddle to the extremely proficient playing. In truth, Bondarev's voice is underutilized and should have taken the forefront, especially when he sings lyrics like: "And I've chosen this existence where we're always racing time / And we're running on pure passion / Leaving everything and everyone behind." Whereas some bands are loud for the sake of being loud, A Moment's Worth kicks up the sonic level without sacrificing musicianship. Every minute of the record is incredibly cohesive, as if to assume that the band has been playing together for a dozen years (they've actually been a band since 2003), and that making music is something they could do in their sleep, without even mustering any energy. So often reviewers pass along the words effortless without giving it any real consideration, but the way in which the five players put together rhythm and melody on second song "Zero.Four.One," it's apparent, the endeavor really is effortless. Third song "Too Far, Too Long," may be the only dud, but it's allowed to be, as fourth track "Sleepless," and fifth track "My Lost Self," steal the show and cement this band as a serious contender for major label status. In "Sleepless," Bondarev sings of an apocalyptic like moment, "And I was at home with my whole family / And we watched as the streets filled with smoke / And the TV had spoken of death and confusion / And what we should do for the bombs they were using." Ingeniously, the band doesn't allow 'Sleepless' to end and the song flows directly into "My Lost Self," almost making it one long eight-minute track. Whereas 'Sleepless,' was infectious, achingly catchy and built around a memorable guitar riff, 'My Lost Self,' is built on Bondarev's vocals, which soar above a hodgepodge of electronic and synth noises. Both 'Sleepless' and 'My Lost Self' are the album's crowning achievements and the only songs on which Bondarev's vocals stand above. The back-to-back segue is an incredible trick that made me listen to the disc a few times to actually realize the nuance was occurring. Sixth track "Exit With a Desperate Cry" is a minute of a gentle guitar riff while vocalist Bondarev delivers barely audible spoken word verses. The song serves as a lead in to the ferocious album closer "Cross My Heart," which draws on much of the same energy as the opener. The album, which was recorded and produced by guitarist Nicola Terzulli, also bristles with the sparking gloss of a major label album and proves that the band is as adept behind the knobs as it is in performing music. In it's five year history, the band has amassed a slew of low-level awards and a host of prominent endorsements. Major label status should hopefully come calling in due time.'


Kunstenaar: A Moment's Worth
Titel: Sleepless
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 22-7-2008
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 884501005913
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