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Monte de Silencio

Monte de Silencio

  • Door Guldimann Miguel
  • Release 21-9-2010
  • Muziekgenre International
  • Media-indeling CD
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Prijs: € 16,63

Product notities

Debut-CD by Miguel Guldimann (guitar) with Sujay Bobade (Bansuri) and Raghavendra Kulkarni (Tabla) Recorded live in the studio and the beautiful accoustic of the church Mistail. Booklet in English 24 pages in color. Fotos by Christian Bühler. Texts from Willigis Jäger and Alberto Ponce. AKUSTIK GITARRE: 'The three musicians weave a web of world music, classical guitar music, and Indian music. Their language is quiet, relaxed and meditative, inspired by the simplicity and beauty of natur. To avoid missunderstanding: That's not the senseless soundtrack for the next self realization workshop. They come absolutly inspired and virtuos to the point. The music floes with ease, also the recording technique helpes the vivacity of themes and improvisations... Conclusion: a successfull debut of a good guitarist, who encounters the musical roots of the whole world to find his own voice.' SWISS RADIO DRS 'the swiss guitarist with southamerican roots Miguel Guldimann play his own music with two Indian musicians, Monte de Silencio. A likeable and unpretentious way of playing ethno music." RADIO MAGAZINE If I was an eagle I would fly to the monte de silencio in Peru, float on the wind, let myself fall and raise myself again to the heights, calm down and enjoy the view.   SWISS RADIO DRS 'the swiss guitarist with southamerican roots Miguel Guldimann play his own music with two Indian musicians, Monte de Silencio. A likeable and unpretentious way of playing ethno music."   VISIONEN: '...A very meditative and wonderful instrumental CD. To enjoy the silence...'.   GUITARWEB: 'The CD monte de silencio named after a mountain in Spain contains 12 compositions of a marked meditative character. A very pleasent music, which is not noticable because of virtuosity or originality, but because of it's simplicity, the beauty of it's .. YOGA AKTUELL : At long last the arrival of a CD offering music of the finest sort! On this disc lasting just less than an hour, the music caresses your ears, soothes your auditory canals and spirits you away to a wondrous world of sound. The pieces for solo guitar played by Miguel Guldimann are no less rich in enjoyment than the compositions for duo and trio ensemble played by Guldimann, Sujay Bobade and Raghavendara Kulkarni. Here is a dense, homogenous musical fabric, with Bobade producing a singing tone on the bansuri or Indian bamboo flute, Kukarni on the rhythmically distinctive tabla drums, and Miguel Guldimann playing with great sensitivity and a velvety touch on the eight-string guitar. Stylistically, the individual compositions move among multiple genres ranging from classical Indian music to world music and classical guitar music, inviting the listener to relax, dream and just be. Not a single note seems superfluous, loud or boring. The music sways throughout in a pleasant harmony, inviting us repeatedly to listen more attentively. The CD received it's title from a mountain in Spain, which can also be seen on the CD cover, and which has a meditative atmosphere similar to the music. Compared to all the CDs of little substance being produced precisely in the spiritual branch these days, this new arrival is truly a must for any collector, and you can immediately sense where the three musicians have derived their inspiration for the individual pieces: the place of the heart and of stillness. We have here a reflection of what Miguel Guldimann had in mind when he retired to a hermitage near the mountain three years ago so as to "give the silence a voice from my heart," as he says.


Kunstenaar: Guldimann Miguel
Titel: Monte de Silencio
Genre: International
Releasedatum: 21-9-2010
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 7000020050019
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