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So I'll Sing

So I'll Sing

  • Door Meredith Michele
  • Release 27-1-2009
  • Muziekgenre Soul/R & B
  • Media-indeling CD
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Product notities

It's so cliché to say I started singing at the ripe old age of four and have been singing ever since. Isn't it? It is true, however. I was very active in both my church and elementary school choirs. But as I got older, I drifted away from singing and turned my interests towards writing. Don't get me wrong. I never actually stopped singing. I just wasn't doing it actively. But then IT happened. When I was 18, my really good friend was frequenting a particular karaoke bar in town and somehow he managed to bring me along one night. I WAS HOOKED!! I became a very familiar face in this bar, and on many a nights, people were actually paying for ME to sing their requests. I didn't let it go to my head, but it did get me to thinking that just maybe people like the way that I sing. I never thought my voice was all that 'pretty' or 'powerful", but self-esteem or the lack their of will get you EVERYTIME. I now know my voice is an instrument, and I can make it do just about anything I envision. A few years went by and I started doing some background work. And although I've enjoyed singing behind other people, I am often told that when I sing solo, it's a whole other side of me that people would never see if I stayed 'behind' all the time. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Meredith Michéle. It is a combination of my first and middle names, two names I've never been quite fond of. At the age of two, my father nicknamed me, BUNKIE. And it stuck like glue. Bunkie was my name until practically entering high school. To this day, almost all of my family still refers to me as "Bunkie". Then one day I realized "Meredith" wasn't so bad after all. It was a pretty, mature name. But by that time, my stage name was "Michéle". Because there was just something about 'Michéle' that wasn't 'Meredith' or 'Bunkie'. But as I began to embrace my own self and what each name actually stood for, I felt a compromise was in order. It is the perfect blend of who I really am. They both are me, and I am them. Since I had been writing songs for several years, I decided to test out some recording just a few years ago. That same rush from karaoke was back. I knew that at some point in the near future, I had to put my own album together. And by the will of my Heavenly Father and the help of some great people, I did. I love being in the studio and seeing my lyrics and someone else's music join together and mesh. It is a beautiful experience that I have thoroughly enjoyed as this album has come together. It's a collective album. And I hope the majority of those who hear it can relate to the story or find something that suits their taste. This is me. I have enjoyed telling you a little bit about Meredith. Now go and listen as Meredith Michéle sings to you.


Titel: So I'll Sing
Genre: Soul/R & B
Releasedatum: 27-1-2009
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 884501091060
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