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Road Signs

Road Signs

(Duplicated CD)
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Alysia McAlister aka Laughing Rain (pen and stage name) is the mother of twin daughters. Whenever troubles came, I'd write a song about it. Then I'd ask my child to listen to the song I wrote about her. Something good always happened when I sang to family or other people. It was a way to express love. We made it through, and oftentimes there is that yearning to get back to love expressed in music. Life itself can be like living on a prayer and little else. Yet if a prayer is all you got, then make a sound with it. It can change things, on the inside of you, if not the outside immediately. I became a resthome entertainer for a few years, seeing that it was a place many musicians would avoid, there was a need to go there. A place where folks were getting ready to die. It was like singing at a train station. Everybody was marching towards the platform, ticket in hand for the promised land. I felt I was just a reminder to them that there was music where they were going also. I needed an audience, and they often needed me. I played in a few bars with a piano man/guitarist. I got the gigs by asking for them, accepting whatever they would pay, or just for tips. I remember Dave fondly, at our practices, saying, ok, one more time from the top! I tromped all over Denver, Colo. For twenty years after leaving Calif. Doing karaoke gigs with 4,000 cassette tapes and sheet music books, heavy, frayed, cumbersome items, owned by Mark S. a bankruptcy attorney, later turned teacher. I kept him going and he kept me supplied with cassette tapes and tons of music equipment. He loved music but didn't carry a tune well. We sometimes got kicked out of joints. We were unstoppable. You can't stop the music just because a few of us needed a lot of practice. We encouraged others to sing as well as they could and that was the whole point. Although Mark couldn't sing, he always had a ready smile for people. I figured the smile was worth the same as the music we gave away for free. If we got lucky in a night, somebody would make the magic happen. Occasionally a few bucks came our way. Road Signs is about some men I used to know. I wrote and made the album in my living room in 1991. I recorded into an ordinary Peavy guitar amp, not designed for vocals, turned up reverb, plugged in cassette recorder, guitar and mic into this little amp. I never considered selling this home spun thing. It was like a keepsake and a closure on an old life I had just lived. I stuck the tape in the closet afterwards and forgot about it. Essentially then, it could be called The Cobwebs File. Along about 2003 I sent Miss Cobweb to a friend for review. He liked it and recommended I place several of the tunes on a website I was building to advertise my book, Road Signs, Shifting Gears Between Two Worlds. Without his support and appreciation Miss Cobweb would be in total decay by now, just like the frayed corners of Mark's sheet music books. Some friends are forever. B.Mc. thinks I will forget him. He's wrong. Also the boys at CD Baby said they liked me. So I signed up as maybe they did like me! The tune Heir To The Kingdom, has distinct Christian lyrics, however it has a spiritual premise. The song was inspired after reading A Course in Miracles, which is written in the vernacular of a bygone era and I modeled the lyrics after that era. Currently I enjoy Karaoke singing as a hobby, residing in an area known as TriCities on the borders of Calif., AZ., and Nev. My friends are comprised of Las Vegas musicians, who are looking for work sometimes, or just wanting to keep the music alive. We all gather in the casinos in Laughlin, Nev. and the sound system is cranking! I see Karaoke as sweeping the country, where everybody is encouraged to sing, professional or amateur. I hope the listener enjoys these Road Sign reflections. My favorite and BMc.'s favorite is "Who."


Kunstenaar: Alysia McAlister
Titel: Road Signs
Genre: Folk
Kenmerken: Duplicated CD
Releasedatum: 23-1-2009
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 634479963902
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