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231 (Two Thirty-One)

231 (Two Thirty-One)

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Product notities

The J.O.B. (The Jim O'Ferrell Band) was formed in May 2008 after Jim returned from his 2nd tour as a combat Infantryman in Iraq. After the successful release of their 1st full length album in January 2009, the band has now launched it's 2nd opus, titled ".231 (two thirty one)" released on March 20, 2010. This original Modern Americana Rock album is a concept project with each song representing a perspective from the October 2nd 1925 railroad tunnel collapse in Richmond Virginia which buried Locomotive 231 with all aboard her. After 10 days of repeated attempts to retrieve the men and limited by technology and bad weather, the decision was made to seal the 4,000' tunnel at both ends permanently entombing the locomotive and an unknown number of railroad workers. Locomotive 231 and her lost souls are still buried deep in the earth this day. This true urban legend so captured the band's imagination that they decided to make it the focal point of their new modern Americana rock project. Two tracks from this new album have emerged as powerful singles: '1925' (track 1) and 'Wheels' (track 9). Both of these exceptional songs are currently part of a national radio promotion. All ten songs on the full length CD stand alone. Their individual stories and charged performances have a broad appeal across a very diverse fan base. The Jim O'Ferrell Band is exploding into 2010 with contagious excitement and originality. The band members are Jim O'Ferrell: vocals & rhythm guitar, Jason Crawford: lead guitar, David Woods: bass guitar, Ian Puckett: drums.


Titel: 231 (Two Thirty-One)
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 23-3-2010
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 884501288293
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