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  • Door Holler!
  • Release 13-10-2009
  • Muziekgenre Rock
  • Media-indeling CD
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Product notities

In 2006, two musicians met in a Jerusalem backyard and decided to play music together. Pathetically, they lost track of each for a month or so and no music was made, none at all. In fact, all was quiet, very quiet. The hills of Jerusalem fell silent and the winds continued to do what they have done since the beginning of time . . . blow. The two musicians finally sat down to play. Sounds produced from their respective instruments were foreign to the hills of Jerusalem. The sounds called back to an era gone by and a yearning for it's return. It was not Zion that these musicians called out to as many have had before them. Rather, something completely different came about. Screen door slams, rickety wooden porch steps, hot apple pie, corn fields, and the whistle in the wind along a dusty road rose from the hills of Jerusalem. Though they like what they head, still something lacked. It was not until a third musician appear amongst a Turkey day celebration did the sound take form. From that day on, when the trio sat to play, the emerging sound from this trio soon became known to Jerusalem locals and ex-pats as HOLLER! HOLLER! Consisted of David Bernay on vocals, mandolin, and little guitar, Barak Cohen on vocals, djembe, and rub board, and Ami Yares on vocals, guitar and banjo. For two years, HOLLER! Took Jerusalem by surprise and injected an old style of music on to a new stage in an ancient city. Foot stomping and hip swaying soirées would often characterize evenings spent with HOLLER! The band built a following of folks looking to grab on to the rhythm and sounds of rural and suburban American in a Middle Eastern backdrop. In those two years, other musicians came and went, most notably Sophie Bloch (vocals, fiddle) and Tal Nae (bass). As others left, some stayed on board. HOLLER! Continued to perform for audiences all over Israel and most notably performed at the Jacob's Ladder Folk Festival on the shores of the Galilee. As time goes on, things changed and HOLLER! ^#^did as well. Jason Reich joined the band first as a sub for a sick David Bernay and subsequently would join HOLLER! ^#^when David could not. As David ended his time in Jerusalem, Jason became a full time member of the band. Often, one would find the band in the company of a few Goldstars on Barak's front porch, hammering out new tunes and revisiting old favorites. The results of these sessions starting sending HOLLER! ^#^in a different direction then before. Clarity formed between the lines of lyrics and music. Songs became refined and defined while still maintaining the 'rocking chair/front porch' sound of the band. . . As the music grew, so did HOLLER! In the beginning of 2009, Jason introduced Eliran Kononowicz and his brother Zechariah Reich, one Jerusalem's most sought after bass players, into the mix to perform with the band for an electric set taking place on a dear friend's rooftop in Tel Aviv. Eliran Kononowicz brought with him a hell of a backbeat as well as some unknown and untapped skills as a sound engineer and producer that later became a driving force in the recording of the first HOLLER! ^#^album. During this time of impromptu and concentrated rehearsals, Jason also convinced his roommate, Tamar Shoppik, to take a spin with HOLLER! Thankfully, she likes to spin and continues to add her loveliness and take on fiddle music to the band. Today, the current lineup of HOLLER!: Barak Cohen (vocals, djembe, rub board) Eliran Kononowicz (drums) Jason Reich (mandolin, guitars, lap steel) Zechariah Reich (bass) Tamar Schoppik (violin) Ami Yares (vocals, guitar, banjo) This is the lineup that spent five days in Tammuz, a Tel Aviv studio managed my two very brave souls (Avi Levin and Raz Burg), recording the first HOLLER!. Doing great things to the music, but not to their bodies, HOLLER! ^#^worked for 120 hours minus a few hours of sleep, resulted in a framework of ten songs. Eliran then took responsibility for filling in the blanks and shaping the sound of what was to come. A hot summer and a smoking album arrived in the US and made it's way into a HOLLER! ^#^friend's hands (Adam Samuels) at Cambridge Sound Studios mid August for mastering. In September 2009, HOLLER! ^#^released it's first studio album and what to come is a little unknown, but gratefully welcomed. Today, HOLLER! ^#^stands to be a versatile group based in the acoustic and sometimes electric sounds of Americana. Holding on to their nearly famous description of the band, HOLLER! 'puts a little south in the Middle East.' So, if you happen to have a hankering for some 'good ole music,' come check out HOLLER! ^#^and our little peace of the Middle East.


Titel: Holler!
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 13-10-2009
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 884501204828
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