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My Disease

My Disease

  • Door The Hate Factor
  • Release 24-8-2010
  • Muziekgenre Heavy Metal
  • Media-indeling CD
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Along with the decline of civilization, including both moral and social behavioral standards, came the desensitization of mankind. The ability to block out, ignore or possibly relish both physical and psychological pain have become powerful mechanisms for survival, in the ever growing violent and self destructive world that we now infest. Yesteryears unspeakable acts of man are now status quo for the populace of today. Murder, rape, incest, spousal abuse, neglect, abandonment, violent crimes, corporate and political corruption, as well as governmental dominance and control over the lives of every single human. All violations of trust, that by no means are new, but now are more prevalent than ever. At this rate of moral and social decline our future is in peril. The ideals of a dysfunctional society with warped morals and no scruples must be discontinued. They march as if off to war, limping along in the status quo. They can't make a sound, can't step out of line for fear of judgment, chastisement and punishment. Poisoned and delusional, you live with constant envy and discontent, unable to think for yourselves. The poison is in the air, water, food and information. The machine tells lies, it breeds self destruction and fear. Disinformation is the infection that feeds the disease of the sleepwalkers, zombies and crippled sheeple. Freedom is an illusion masterfully employed by the elite, in deceitful governance, to control the plebeian masses, too weak to follow their own dreams, too ignorant to see the truth.


Titel: My Disease
Genre: Heavy Metal
Releasedatum: 24-8-2010
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 884501370899
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