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Trial & Error

Trial & Error

  • Door Covenant 7
  • Release 8-5-2007
  • Muziekgenre Rock
  • Media-indeling CD
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Product notities

Coming from the humble background of a Catholic seminary, Covenant 7 has forged it's way into the Catholic music scene of the South. In the first semester of 2003, Brandon Vidrine, guitar, and Robert Saxer, guitar and vocals, started discussing the possibility of starting a band. It would take the musical talent from the seminary and incorporate it into a Christian rock setting. They picked up sophomore Nic Matherne for his guitar skills and his uncanny ability to sound like Mac Powell from Third Day. Also from the musical talent of that sophomore class was Stephen Vrazel, a talent pianist and organist. They also chose two freshman: bassist, David Bayardo, and drummer, Paul 'Skippy' Scouten. They began to jam in the school's storage house, Vianney Hall. They started to choose songs and prepare to play for the seminary's youth festival, Abbey Youth Fest. Because of their zeal for rock and roll and the incredible decibal emmitted they were forced to move to a more secluded area that of the school auditorium, Benet Hall. As second semester roll around, another person joined in on the jams as a percussionist, Kyle Sanders. However, the nature of the band is change. The band stays with the school so the people change and the sound changes. Brandon graduated, Stephen moved to Catholic University, and Skippy left the seminary. This left vacant spots at guitar and drums. One of the incoming freshmen of 2004 showed promise and was eventually invited to join the band as principle guitarist, Kyle Albarado. There was, however, a vacancy at drums and no resident of the seminary could fill it. This led to the calling of a friend of a friend, Aaron Levy. With Aaron's first time with the band, he solidfied his role as beatmaker. The mandolin also made an appearance manned by either Nic or Rob. With this second lineup came confidence, confidence enough to record an album which is entitled Beautiful Fear. This album has a Third Day/Dave Matthews feel to it. It was recorded and produced by the band with the help of another newcomer, Jeff Starkovich. At the close of that year brought some more changes, Rob graduate and Nic was called from the seminary. The two principle songwriters in essence leaving the band open to change in any direction. Dave took over as lead singer handing his duties as bassist to Kyle Sanders. Kevin Boudreaux, Eric Clapton look alike and sound alike, also entered St. Ben's. Joe Vu, dj and resident Asian, also joined the band adding the unique sound of turntables. The change was rough. Dave had never led a band. Furthermore, at the end of the that semester, Kyle Albarado was called away from seminary which left the band as a quintent and wondering what to do. Brent Caffarel, though, entered that spring and took the reigns at the thrid bassist. Kyle Sanders switched to guitar. The two oldest members, Dave and Kyle, assumed responsibiliy of songwriters. However, the compositions underwent drastic changes when the band took over really making the songs a product of the entire band. With the new year came a minor change, Joe left to focus on his schoolwork and Luke Arredondo, a trumpetist coming from FSU school of music, took the place as the lagniappe instrument in the band. He brought a fresh outlook on musical direction and that lonliness found in Cake. Because of the support Covenant 7 had recieved in that past year, the fans kept asking for a new CD. The band couldn't refuse. This is Trial and Error, a far cry from the folky Beautiful Fear. Trial and Error has a funk rock feel. At the end of this year there will be another drasitic change. Dave and Kyle both graduate. No one knows what to expect next year. Keep your eyes and your ears open. Check the band out at and


Titel: Trial & Error
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 8-5-2007
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 837101320566
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