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Harvest of Love

Harvest of Love

(Duplicated CD)
  • Door Chuck Stevens
  • Release 14-5-2009
  • Muziekgenre Gospel
  • Media-indeling CD
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Prijs: € 15,41

Product notities

Ordained a permanent deacon in the Roman Catholic Church in 2007, Deacon Chuck Stevens has been fully involved in a number of ministries both inside and outside the walls of his parish church. The primary focus of his music has always been to bring others into a deeper contemplation of God while supporting other ministries, and with the release of his third CD,he continues to do this. 'Harvest of Love' is a collection of songs spanning a broad variety of styles from quiet,simple folk, to bouncy, to adaptations of classic ancient prayers. If you want to capture a sense of gratitude for the goodness of God in your life, 'Harvest of Love' can help bring you there; if you would rather consider the immensity of the grandeur of the Creator, tracks such as 'How We Adore You' or 'We Come to Return' might be just what you need. How about time to quietly reflect on finding God in the depths of your own heart? The song 'Elohim' is just that kind. Feel that there is a greater need for action in social justice for the poor of the world? 'Could you give Me some Water' shouts out for justice for the needy in our midst. Having moved from his religious studies to a deeper involvement in ministry has meant a pause to reflect on the method by which Deacon Chuck relates his prayers and wonder at the goodness and generosity of God to his music. The writing and recording of this collection covered a period of two years; the CD contains eight original songs, and two adaptations of prayers in the early Church traditions - 'Jesus Prayer' (from the fifth century) and 'Oh Dear Father/Hail Mary (an adaptation of the Lord's prayer related by Jesus in the Gospels, in tandem with the Hail Mary, one of the most treasured prayers of the Church). In this collection, Deacon Chuck Stevens has once again defied attempts to nail down his music to one particular style. As Deacon Chuck puts it,'If God has made all things in incredible variety, why would I share only one aspect of one small gift?' Listen to this CD - the range of songs will provide prayer, reflection, challenge, comfort and praise.


Kunstenaar: Chuck Stevens
Titel: Harvest of Love
Genre: Gospel
Kenmerken: Duplicated CD
Releasedatum: 14-5-2009
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 690213510269
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