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Swing Me a Song

Swing Me a Song

  • Door Chuck Cusimano
  • Release 20-5-2010
  • Muziekgenre Country
  • Media-indeling CD
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I'm proud to say I have had all but one of these songs in this collection recorded by other Traditional Country Music Artists. Three have made it into the top ten list either in The U.S.A. or overseas. Two have been nominated for 'Western Swing Song Of The Year', and one was nominated for, (and won) 'Pure Country Song Of The year'. This project has been on the shelf for eleven years. I have been wanting to release it since I recorded it in 1997, but due to reasons beyond my control, I had to wait till the time was right. Well, the time is right. The musicians I chose to participate were, and are the right people for the job at hand. I am very proud of their collective performances, and even more than that, I appreciate their friendship. Each song on this album has a special place in my heart. There's a story behing the creation of each one. One example is, Track number ten, 'Where In The Devil Did I get A Little Angel Like You'. It came about one night when I was dressed up to go perform at a local Country Music Show/Dance, and putting off leaving my home and my family nearly as long as I dare, and my youngest daughter (four years old) ran dripping wet from the bathtub and jumped into my lap to give her daddy a kiss goodnight before she went to bed. There was NO WAY I could get upset. She hugged my neck and said, 'Daddy, I Love You! She jumped off my lap and ran to the bedroom. I shook my head laughing, and asked my wife, 'Where In The Devil Did I get A Little Angel Like Her?' The next morning I wrote the song, but in keeping within the bounds of a commercial Country Song, I of course, wrote it about a man and a woman in love instead of a daddy and his little girl. Another of the songs, 'Baby Buggie Boogie', started out as a stupid little nothing of a song, and it stayed in a notebook for many years. Then, when I was looking for songs for this album, I stumbled onto it, and I saw a completely different direction to take it. I grabbed my guitar, and wrote the Chorus, and a second verse, and when I checked the date I had started the song, it was exactly 13 years to the day from the day I wrote the begining of it. Creepy? Maybe, but now the song makes sence. It would make a great Video! Probably one of my most favorite songs that I ever wrote is track #4, 'Neon Sun'. I wrote it one night in 1986, in Fort Worth Texas. I never had a chance to record it for a lot of years, and then Brooks and Dunn released 'Neon Moon'. I sat on the song for a while, knowing that every one would think I got the title from Ronnie Dunn's title 'Neon Moon'. The truth is, I got the title from a line in an old Mel Tillis song. 'Neon Rose' Where he wrote, 'It's a blue, blue rose that grows beneath the neon sun'. That coupled with the musicians I knew that worked Las Vegas, saying that 'You can't tell night from day out there because of the lights.' The song created itself in about 12 minutes. There's really not a song on this collection that I don't have a special feeling about. Probably the oldest song on here, is 'When She Does Me Right'. I wrote it a couple miles off the shores of Vietnam, in 1970. It didn't start out as a shuffle. I was actually trying to write a song that I thought Merle Haggard might want to record, so it had that straight eight's beat going for it, and then one night in 1973 in Odessa Texas, I sang it as you hear it today, and it has been recorded by about twenty different Country artists. Most recently by Justin Trevino, who I'm proud to say gets it a lot of airplay on Siris/XM Radio. ( Willie's Place) 'Please Sing Silver Wings Again', came from a man with tears in his eyes begging for me to sing the Merle Haggard Classic, 'Silver Wings' 'One More Time'. I told him we had already done the song, and he asked me to do it again. I told him I'd do it the last set, as we had done it a few minutes earlier. Later he came to the bandstand, with tears in his eyes and asked again. He said it had a special meaning to his situation. I sang it for him, and he left the club. The next morning, I wrote the song in 15 minutes. I appreciate the blessing I have recieved to creat music, and write lyrics. I take niether credit or blame for what comes out of my head, because I don't know where it comes from. I may never be a famous songwriter, but I'll forever be a greatful one. Thanks for your time. If you buy the album, I sincerely hope you like it. If you'd like to check out my web-site you would be most welcome to bounce around on it, and see some of the pictures from the old days. I'd be plumb tickled if you'd sign my guest book. God Bless America, and the troops who live and die for our freedom. Sincerely, Chuck Cusimano.


Kunstenaar: Chuck Cusimano
Titel: Swing Me a Song
Genre: Country
Releasedatum: 20-5-2010
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 884501327770


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