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Smooth Ride

Smooth Ride

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From the first fiery note to the last whispery phrase, Christine Rosander's sultry voice grabs hold and doesn't let go, stirring up yearning and desire long after a song has ended. Her debut CD, Smooth Ride (Devcat Records), produced by Jane Getz and Bob Tucker, introduces Christine as an emerging voice of tomorrow's music with sounds that cross cultural, ethnic, and gender boundaries to span generations. A one woman melting pot, her style melds pop, rhythm and blues, rock, jazz, folk, and country into a unique, powerful, and sensitive musical identity. She sings stories of human existence and her own life, and retells the sorrows and joys of being alive. "With my singing, everything is instinctive...everything," says Christine. "It's a reflection of my feelings, memories, and intuition." Smooth Ride is what Christine calls "an accidental concept album" because it's diversity of styles and emotions makes a statement. "I believe that my audiences are people who long for interesting musical experiences in songs that speak to their lives. My music is an invitation to participate in something fresh." Her strong and sexy style blends playful to poignant influences including the emotion of Rickie Lee Jones, the folk voice of Joni Mitchell, the sophisticated blues of Nina Simone, the storytelling panache of Billie Holiday, the rock-jazz feeling of Donald Fagan, the country pop attitude of the Dixie Chicks, and powerful songwriting influences such as the Beatles, CSNY, Bread, and many more. Each becomes undeniably her own. Smooth Ride came together like a slow avalanche. Christine started recording with Louis Van Taylor on two of the more jazz oriented sides; he then suggested that veteran keyboardist Jane Getz take over. That led to the involvement of Jane's husband, noted producer, recordist, and musician, Bob Tucker. They began to record in Bob and Jane's new studio. Jane's writing for Christine suggested new possibilities. Christine's own writing began to reflect more influences, so that her style was enriched and transformed. The album emerged over a long development arc. It ends with the first songs recorded and begins with the last written, the title track "Smooth Ride." Christine began singing solos publicly at the age of five, encouraged by her mother, a choir director and music teacher. She studied classical piano and was fascinated by gospel. Later, Christine earned her bachelor's degree in vocal performance and commercial composing and arranging from Cal State Long Beach. She went on to receive a master's degree in music from USC. A professional musician, singer, and performer, she expects to continue teaching voice and piano while she presents her new music to her growing aggregation of fans. "Christine Rosander is a major talent with a distinctive and haunting voice. Her debut CD, Smooth Ride, offers a wide variety of influences and inspirations blended together to create some very personal, heartfelt, and memorable music."-Scott Yanow, writer for The Music Connection and author of nine jazz books, including Jazz On Film, Swing, Bebop, Trumpet Kings, and Jazz On Record 1917-76. "A seductive singing temptress with a natural captivating power, Christine Rosander warms the soul and spirit with true life messages-proving that singing is like life...either you feel it or you don't."-Dr. Herb Wong, International Critic, Discographer and Journalist "If there's any justice, the world will be hearing more from this lady"-Ken McCall, San Luis Obispo Telegram-Tribune.


Kunstenaar: Christine Rosander
Titel: Smooth Ride
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 20-11-2007
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 603993121389


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