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Journey Home

Journey Home

  • Door Chicora
  • Release 29-1-2002
  • Muziekgenre International
  • Media-indeling CD
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Chicora grew up knowing nothing about her Native American heritage until 1994. Soon after uncovering her Nipmuc ancestry she received her first flute in the red rocks of Sedona, AZ and it was love at first sight...and sound. Not having a traditional background in the Native American Flute Chicora had to rely on the music that was in her heart and soul. From her first moments with the flute something from deep within her soul sang out in remembrance. Chicora plays it with all the emotion of two long lost lovers finally reunited. She feels that these 'lovers' were the person she had been up until that moment - a shy, quiet young woman in search of her own identity and expression; and the heritage of her Native American ancestors that she never knew. When these two aspects of her soul united it created a sound, an expression like no other. Wanting to know the ins and outs of these hauntingly expressive instruments, Chicora began making her own flutes with bamboo that is grown near her house in Connecticut. A man planted the bamboo for his wife thirty years ago. He wanted to help her feel more at home. The love that this man had for his wife can be felt in each piece of bamboo. When the bamboo is made into a flute and played, the vibration of that immense love echoes out fills the room. Besides being a talented musician, songwriter and performer, Chicora is also a holistic health practioner, healer and workshop leader. Her music has a deep tonal resonance that releases blockages in the energy grids. Chicora's music has been used by many holistic health practioners during their sessions with clients because of this effect. Chicora's first CD, Journey Home, was released in 2001. The music tells the story of her Journey Home to self, heritage, ancestors, tribe and Great Spirit. It is the experiences on her journey that color the tones, moods and melodies of these songs. The CD starts with The Storm, behind the heartbeat of the drum thunder is crashing, rain begins to fall and the harmonies of two flutes bring the listener to the hope of a brighter tomorrow. Whirlwind (lyrics by Anni Williams, vocals by Joa Agnello) In the North, Shaman women may be at times referred to as 'Whirlwind Women', spinning, changing, lifting, and carrying others upward. This song is for all the 'Whirlwind Women' in Chicora's life. Celebration of Birth, the celebration begins with the sound of tribal log drums and rattles. Two flutes rejoice in the birth of a new child. Avalon's Song is the honoring of the life of a wise grandmother that not many had the great fortune of knowing. This song was written for Avalon while sitting by her side during her transition from the physical to the non-physical realm. Blue Jay Fly Away reminds us how precious all life is. Honor and cherish those we love, human and nonhuman. When they are no longer with us in the physical may they fly on the wings of the Blue Jay. The River is Flowing (vocals by Joa Agnello) tells of our mother's and the mother earth's ever present and expanding love and support for us to be our true soul expressions. Inner Reflections, waves are gently rolling in, seagulls can be heard overhead and the sound of a bass A flute slowly guides you into a space of inner reflections. Unta-Shay, (vocals by Chicora) reclaims the feminine expression by letting go of places of shyness and intimidation. Releasing the Shadows, piano accompanies Chicora's bass C flute and tells of the struggle we've all had to overcome our shadow side. Brothers and Sisters, (vocals by Chicora) drums, rattles and flute dance around the warm glow of the fire while your 'tribe' welcomes you home. Ancient Ruin, echoes of the ancient ones tell us that we are not alone on our journey. Inspired by the souls of Lost Canyon Ruins, Sedona, AZ. The CD ends with Earth Children, (vocals by Chicora) in today's world many have forgotten that we are all one, we are all part of the Great Spirit and our mother Earth. We shake our fists when something happens that we do not understand. Listen, Listen to the mother Earth, she is always speaking to you.


Kunstenaar: Chicora
Titel: Journey Home
Genre: International
Releasedatum: 29-1-2002
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 641444909520


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