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Artichoke Heart Souffle

Artichoke Heart Souffle

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Product notities

Artichoke Heart Soufflé is the name of a band. Artichoke Heart Soufflé is the name of a record. Brad and Stacy Michelson are in this band. Both Brad and Stacy sing, write, and play the instruments heard on the record. This brother/sister group was bound to happen sooner or later. Growing up they both played guitar and wrote their own songs, as well as, learned how to play their favorites... we will forgive Stacy for her pre-teen Bon Jovi obsession. As they began to get a little older, bands were formed. Stacy fronted the indie pop band Le Coupe while Brad bounced around from band to band immersing himself in a vast array of genres. Sadly, genres like rockabilly would be short lived for Brad as he lacked the overbearing machismo and hair (his was a bit too curly to sculpt a sufficient pompadour) prerequisite for the style. And so begins Artichoke Heart Soufflé... Initially propositioned to record a solo album in fall 2004, by a close friend with aspirations of starting a record label. Brad started the writing and recording process rather timidly while tying up previous engagements writing music for short films and ghostwriting score for TV shows. In the spring of 2005 with the label in limbo, and a handful of songs written, Brad invited Stacy up to the studio to record. They recorded the song Change and tried an unknown fruit off a tree in the backyard. Impressed and excited with the results of the session, more were quickly planned. By the third visit it was obvious the solo record was turning into a band recording and while working through an arrangement of Impossible Stacy began to play a new song she had just started to write. It was about a mutual friend who was going through hard times called: Gone for Good. She only had the verses written but Brad was hooked. Another session was planned and that song was recorded. The band was born. Also, the fruit was tried again - the first time it had been really tart and kind of gross but this time it was delicious. Performances began to be scheduled, a few more songs were recorded, a studio way above their budget was snuck into after hours in order to mix, the record was mastered in Ventura, a license for physical configurations was paid to Sporty and the girls and here we are. Enjoy the soufflé. About the songs - in their own words: Impossible: The third song Stacy and I ever played together. Mixed with my good friend Jody Sappington who was kind enough to sneak me into the studio he was working at between paying customers like Prince and the Pointer Sisters. We started mixing this one on an old Neve board at around two in the morning. -Brad Icing On The Cake: I wrote and recorded this song as a Christmas present for my boy. Little did I know that one day it would be on our first CD ... and that it would make so many ladies cry at our live shows. -Stacy Hold Hands With Politicians: Has the government exploited your patriotism... maybe your deep desire for revenge... were you so insane in wanting to get even you were willing to believe anything? Enter: Hold Hands With Politicians, a modern day love song if there ever was one. -anonymous Follow Me Upstairs: This is a song I used to play in my bedroom on acoustic guitar, and no one ever heard. When Brad and I started playing together and he heard it, he instantly knew what it needed - the drums and bass got recorded and it came alive. You can't stop tapping your feet and the chorus gets stuck in your head for days. -Stacy Change: The first song recorded with Stacy. The first song mixed with Jody. About a friend who just got up one day and left. I had to leave the studio at 5:30 in the morning because George Thorogood had an early session booked. -Brad Gone For Good: This song is based on a sad but true story. It sounded great when we first recorded it but we knew it needed something. When Brad bought a lap steel on ebay we quickly knew that's what it was ... good purchase big bro. -Stacy Wannabe: Our cover ... One take ... With lyrics this good who needs more ... Perceptive ears reveal Lucy (the family dog) chasing (probably attacking) something or somebody (the mailman) at the end of the song. -Brad.


Kunstenaar: Artichoke Heart Souffle
Titel: Artichoke Heart Souffle
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 18-7-2006
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 837101202671
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