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GRATIS verzending op alles!


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  • Door Arrow
  • Release 18-1-2005
  • Muziekgenre Soul/R & B
  • Media-indeling CD
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Prijs: € 10,46

Product notities

If nothing else, you could listen to the 1st track on Arrow's album and realize immediately that you're listening to a song that will most likely stick in your head FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!! That's how it starts, you get sucked in, and the next thing you know... you're HOOKED!!! It's the 21st century, and Arrow is poised to be THE NEXT GENERATION of Recording and Performing Artist! With his commanding and almost surreal presence, whether it be recording in the studio, or tearin' up the biggest of stages, Arrow simply wreaks of sweaty sex, cocky confidence, and pure, unadulterated ENERGY!!!! You see, what most other Artists and Musicians have overlooked, Arrow has embraced and nurtured... Arrow is a rare look into what happens when an artist allows a vast array of influences and themes to penetrate every aspect of an 'album'... 1st, it's an ALBUM, which means the songs were not created to be 'singles', they were written to become a piece of one larger puzzle. Listen closely, and you will HEAR and SEE the method, and the madness... oh, if you have a good set of headphones or a bumpin' system, be prepared to hear the full potential of what a true 'Stereo' CD can sound like... Out of contempt for 'sham' Artists, Arrow 1st vowed to dominate the Studio... he did so by performing every function of the CD creation process, from start to finish. That's writing ALL of the songs, performing ALL of the instrumentation, recording ALL lead and backing vocal tracks (except for the obvious female vocals, naturally!), as well as the entire Mixing, Editing, and Mastering process!!! And yes, even the ENTIRE CD layout and packaging design/creation... So what IS an example of a 'sham' artist, anyway!? Arrow would argue, for example, that it's someone who lip-synchs on a show called Saturday Night LIVE! And it's not just Ashlee Simson, this Eminem fella came on the very next week and did the same thing!! Rappers lip-synch!? What happened to the guy in that movie 8 mile??? Arrow is one of many who's interested to know when the REAL Slim Shady WILL stand up? And that's the difference between the Sell-Outs and the REAL DEAL. Arrow is an Artist FOR THE PEOPLE, and BY THE PEOPLE!!! Arrow didn't cut his teeth by standing on a stage for a few minutes at Freestyle battles, he did it by belting out 3 long hours of music a night in local Philly bars and clubs. That's the difference. Arrow records his own CD's, and he sings his own songs live, and as long as Arrow roams the Earth, he will follow these 2 basic rules: 1. People who PAY for a CD deserve to have MORE THAN 2 or 3 good songs on it!!! 2. People who PAY to see someone sing a song LIVE, deserves better than a dancing pantomime!!! Alright folks, NOW FOR THE BEST PART!!! You ask, 'WHY IS ARROW ON CDBABY?'. A good question deserves a damn good answer! Here is what you may find interesting, what you are about to read is a COMMITMENT from Arrow. As this is being posted, Arrow is in the process of signing with a MAJOR record label! That means THIS debut album will be limited to it's initial 1000 copy run!!! Arrow has asked me to put his Album on CDBaby because he's encouraging people to support him NOW, that's BEFORE you see him all over your MTV... 1st off, those who buy this CD will receive a CD that has been removed from it's shrink wrap, and PERSONALLY SIGNED by Arrow!! But that's not where it stops. Arrow firmly believes in giving back to those who supported him in the beginning, because he KNOWS that he doesn't exist unless someone other than himself believes in Arrow. EVERY PERSON who purchases this CD from this site will be part of what Arrow calls his 'E.C.S. CORE'. Arrow, as a dying breed who believes that one is only 'as good as their word', has committed to rewarding THE PEOPLE who supported him when he didn't have the millions of dollars to throw at his music... but in a few months, when the MILLIONS have become that reality, EVERY person who stood up and believed in Arrow will be rewarded... Whether it's concert tickets, Back-stage passes, prizes, gifts, or just cold hard CASH, Arrow will prove to the world that he believes firmly in serving the interests of the PEOPLE.


Kunstenaar: Arrow
Titel: Opinions
Genre: Soul/R & B
Releasedatum: 18-1-2005
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 825346683928
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