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Leave Only Your Footsteps Behind

Leave Only Your Footsteps Behind

  • Door Ariella Uliano
  • Release 29-7-2008
  • Muziekgenre Folk
  • Media-indeling CD
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Prijs: € 15,20

Product notities

TIPS OF THE MONTH Do you love Jane Austen's dances? If yes, check out MR. BEVERIDGE'S MAGGOT (track n.5) . Imagine Mr. Darcy dancing to it! (as Colin Firth does in the BBC adaptation of Pride & Prejudice). If you are fond of baroque music you will also enjoy this MINUET by Purcell (track n.8), played here by classical pianist Stefan Oslansky from Vienna. Both pieces are downloadable as MP3s from CDBaby and other online distributors. MusicariE, the Publisher REVIEWS Sweet and simple..... Tell that Gal that this ol' Texan likes her sound-- Sweet and simple Jim Hightower, Texas, USA Greetings Ariella, I wanted to let you know that I recently played a set from your wonderful new CD 'LEAVE ONLY YOUR FOOTSTEPS BEHIND' on my radio show. I do believe that this is some of your best work yet, and I particularly loved the creative re-workings of the older ballads. Keep up the great work, and keep me posted on any new projects. Cheers, Kelly Kelly Clement Celtic and Beyond USA Evocative of beautiful atmospheres and melancholic landscapes and ...what a rendering of those great ancient ballads, ALLAN WATERS, THE FALSE BRIDE and HOUSE CARPENTER... though my favourite one has to be track No. 3...Robert Burns' RED ROSE ! J.M.S. New England, USA The traditional ballad (THE BANKS OF) ALLAN WATER is sung by Bathsheba at the sheep-shearing supper in THOMAS HARDY's novel Far From The Madding Crowd. It tells the story of the tragic love of Frank Troy and Fanny Robin. Ariella Uliano's version of the ballad brings to life the characters and the atmosphere of that particular moment. It's moving and hauntingly beautiful in it's simplicity. The best track of the CD! L.G. Dorset, UK NOTES ON THE ALBUM 'After an intense and emotional trip to the Isle of Wight, I came back to London with a tune and a few words playing in my head : LEAVE ONLY YOUR FOOTSTEPS BEHIND. Long stretches of the beautiful coast that I had visited and loved a few years before, had been transformed in costly residential estates and made inaccessible to walkers...! We continued walking towards the West and re-discovered sceneries, colours, sounds and the pure energy of a land apparently untouched by man's technology..... Ariella' the way, the song 'Leave Only Your Footsteps Behind' has already won two song contests and Celtic man Will Killeen is playing his best and quirkiest country- blues on it: three guitars, harmonica and banjo! MusicariE. 'SOUTHBANK RIVER SONG is a London song. Disciplined, funny and cartoon loving Osamu Yano is playing the guitar riff and handsome Giuseppe has added street sounds to the track. The walk along the embankment from Waterloo station to the Bridge is one of my favourites .... It feels like floating in the air, above the waves of soft voices, footsteps... and the sounds of the boats rising from the River.....I sit at cafes overlooking the Golden Hinde and drink my latte, I chat with people, I love listening to their stories, especially in the winter time when the atmosphere is more ordinary, intimate and a little bit ghostly!' '...I travelled to Italy in the early Spring to finish recording this album and stayed two weeks at a small resort on the Adriatic coast. Sometimes the Adriatic Sea reminds me of the English Channel or the North Sea: the mist and the northerly winds carry with them an element of magic. So, for a few days, the small Italian town with it's sandy beaches provided the ideal setting for the recording of HOUSE CARPENTER, ALLAN WATER and THE WRAGGLE TAGGLE GYPSIES...' '...The surrounding countryside, with it's medieval castles and ancient hilltop villages, was also a source of inspiration while working with local musicians on OH MY LOVE'S LIKE A RED, RED ROSE (you one of my favourite poets, Robert Burns) and THE FALSE BRIDE. I discovered that the 'false bride' theme appeared for the first time in Lo Cunto de li Cunti, the earliest European collection of traditional fairy-tales, and it was compiled in Italy by the writer, poet and courtier Giambattista Basile in 1634-6. The work was originally written in the dialect of Naples ( my father can still speak it!! ) and it was very popular with poets and writers of the Romantic era (absolutely my favourite period in literature!)...' 'This brings me to LA SIMINZINA (the pretty seed) a lullaby from Sicily. I learned it from a Sicilian lady who now lives in Milan and all my friends and fellow musicians fell in love with it. The English version is mine, translated directly from the dialect. Again, the lyrics of La Siminzina and those of House Carpenter have something in common. Both stories tell of a supernatural creature (the Saint/the Lover) coming to take a mortal being (the Child/the Wife) away with them. In Celtic lore we find fairies stealing mortal children (changelings) and replacing them with fairy creatures. The idea was used by William Shakespeare in A Midsummer Night's Dream.' '...As usual, I have included two period dances in the programme: MR. BEVERIDGE'S MAGGOT (also appearing in the BBC adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice!!!.. yes the one with my hero Colin Firth!) and MINUET. Both tunes were chosen from the repertoire I perform with a London-based dance company. However, you will be pleasantly surprised by the setting!...' 'Finally, UNTITLED is a song by Renzo and...he's singing it solo on this album..! He's got a warm and deep voice and an Italian accent. Osamu is playing powerful electric and Spanish guitars here. It's a BONUS TRACK for those of you who own the album and perhaps it's the best song of them all!! Ciao, ARIELLA P.S. You can also download from CDBaby our (NEW!!) 'unplugged' and 'duetted' version of UNTITLED, recorded live in Rome.'


Kunstenaar: Ariella Uliano
Titel: Leave Only Your Footsteps Behind
Genre: Folk
Releasedatum: 29-7-2008
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 634479856358
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