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Step Up

Step Up

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Product notities

The Antimusic Band creates new sounds to express the creative drive in the New Millennium. It's all improv. Econman is the master of lyrics. He speaks of eternal truths, oddities of experience, political strangeness in the era of George Bush. Playing guitars and keyboard, Dr Paco Neale adds weird words of love and spirit, laughing in the face of nature. The twenty two songs have been spontaneously recorded over the past five years on a Korg D1600 in homegrown studios in Philly and two country music rooms. The always good times that generated these unusual sounds and statements spring from the creative power of men engaged in the history and making of our age. Knowing only freedom beyond boundaries, The Antimusic Band defies your preconceptions. We challenge you to listen to the meaning of our words and hear the dance that sounds interweave with what we say. This is the perfect driving music. Always engaging, with each turn you see a different site, with each drive you see a new turn. Being Antimusic we grow on you. Here's a breakdown of our 22 gems: Christ Has Died 3:46 He Was Broken In Two How does he get away with it? We thought he was about love. Where do we fit now? Love 1:56 In The Music Room Sunday Afternoon Econman and Michali in a brief dance with the sun shining through the country. Our Holiday Greetings for 2005-2006. Truth 4:30 Do We Really Know??????? How can so many people reveal truth? Aliens 3:19 Such Delight At 2 Am Econman pulls this one out of the stars. Ever see a UFO? Sysiphus 3:59 We Are He Condemned to eternity by the gods to push the rock up the hill, only for it to roll down again. Step Up! Dizzy 0:50 Your First High Follow the sound round and round and you may capture the beginnings of alternative awareness. Dr Paco Neale insisted this one stay in. G~D 4:13 You Never Know Who says He is a He. Watch out! She's coming now. Mikey on keyboards and Vic playing scratch. Done at Maple Grove. Vacuum spiders off the wall. Uberman 3:52 Enough Said With GW and Saddam have we really learned the mistakes of the last century? Monster 2:08 When The Tail Wags The Dog When you've been drinking for more years than not this battle will often be waged. Animal Nature 4:23 The Beast is Within You Take G-d away and we are animals. Christ Has Died. Bombs over Bagdad. You monster you. Drone 3:41 Dr Paco Neale's Enslavement To Love Surrendering to a wonderful, lovely younger queen bee is one of life's true pleasures. Silence 4:16 Disdain To Beauty In faltering steps, Econman pulls poetry out of nothing. Stillness and love. Dig the guitar weaving in between voice. 3rd Moth 2:40 Careful Near Flame You Truthseeker Guess what happened to the other two moths. Sometimes the search for creativity will burn up in your face. Bird Rap 3:56 Blues Rock And Rap How silly can we get - wait and see. We want to be rock stars. Ever since teenagers were created, that's what we want. And if we can't get this, get rich or sing the blues. Rawls 4:55 The 1970's...Right On With Mikey playing keyboards, Econman expresses the theory of justice of John Rawls. It's all about basic rights and rules for society, with basic equality. Behind the veil of ignorance. George Jr 4:12 The 00's...Wrong Way Buster Conservative compassion spells words without action. Dead words, dread words, misunderstood words. Momma 3:12 A Dedication She's the one who'll always love you. And if she doesn't love you, you know your life is tough. Dreamworld 3:14 ???...$$..&&&!!!:::: de Love 4:17 Loving Fantasies In Your Daily Life Wake up in the morning and one day you might find love in your mundane existence. Allows 1:43 G~D Breathes The Lovely Michali Playing the Kudu Horn, Michali's spirit resonates with the very breath that supports all our lives. We are grateful even in the face of nihilism. Time 3:58 The Early Creative Moment This was a classic late night improv suggested by Papa Maple Grove himself. Time is what you make of it. Our oldest recording on the CD. Illusion 4:12 First Friday At DPN's After seeing only some of the galleries, we broke this one out. The Eastern religions speak of our experience and mind being illusion. Step up to our creativity. Careful about that ending. See you next time. Thanks for listening.


Kunstenaar: The Antimusic Band
Titel: Step Up
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 8-8-2006
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 634479355431
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