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Alternative Blueprint 1 /  Various

Alternative Blueprint 1 / Various

  • Door Various Artists
  • Release 28-9-2004
  • Muziekgenre Electronic
  • Media-indeling CD
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Product notities

Alternative Blueprint is a new U.K. label leaning towards the outer leftfield of electronica. This CD showcases our 4 artists - Minimal Pig, Automated Acoustics, Optikatechniqua & Amor Veneris, and gives a taste of things to come... We are committed to the freshest sounding electronic & acoustic music hybrids. We specialise in rare & unusual instruments, subtle synth programming & unique rhythms. Our artists are doing something different, and are hard to categorise, as all the best music is. Check them out individually for the full picture of the Alternative Blueprint sound. Profile of our current artists:. Minimal Pig: Deep electronica with a selection of weird instruments played live & the occasional vocal tune, always with fresh beats to spin your head round. Seriously high saturated Phat content, so those with a weak heart should get doctor's advice before listening. He concentrates on progressing his tunes, to make electronic music that's cerebrally appealing. Equally at home on the dancefloor or laid-out on the sofa. He is in his early 20's, from the middle of nowhere, he plays loads & loads of instruments, is a self confessed music technology & recording geek, and has made about a zillion tunes. He is constantly striving to create fresh sounds, e.g. complex routing arrangements, hanging loads of pan lids from his shed roof, taking a snare drum out & stomping on the floor for the bass drum, taking an old remote answerphone bleeper & short-circuiting it with knives & forks after soldering an amp with distortion onto it. Etc. Etc. Optikatechniqua: Originally from Barbados, with the hard dub influence in full effect, now living in the South-West UK, Optikatechniqua takes ragga, electro & jungle, breeds them together & then scares the crap out of the resulting sprog! This is dark, mutant, fast, heavy music that is genuinely unique. This stuff never fails to get the dancehall itching. True story - Optikatechniqua was playing a 4 hour set in a basement club underneath a certain branch of The Body Shop, he was playing with his own rig he'd brought in. The next day there was a complaint from the manager of the Body Shop, as the bass had knocked loads of bottles off the shelves & they'd had tons of stock smashed! Result! If you want to drop THE tunes that make the dancefloor go utterly mental, then Optikatechniqua is the way to do it. Automated Acoustics: Automated Acoustics is a bit of a departure from the usual Alternative Blueprint sound, but we loved it so much when we heard it that we had to grab him. He plays about 12 instruments, including some really obscure African ones, & records the some of the most beautifully poignant, unique music we've ever heard. He loves broken, old instruments with character. His Auto-harp has a nest of spider's webs inside the soundbox - any instrument that was once used as a home for some beast must have massive karma attached. His cello is priceless to him, but only cost £35 (it's that beaten up) but it means that he can do things to it that would give Yo Yo Ma nightmares & need counselling. When I was playing it around to test the waters, 5 people independently said 'sounds like Voodoo',and they were right - it is positive voodoo. Mainly instrumental, but sometimes with Intelligent lyrics, sung with the deepest voice you've heard in a long time, jazzy brush stick drums, cello, autoharp, Mbira, organ, piano, guitar, subtle synthesizers & home-made percussion complete the unique sound. Amor Veneris: Amor Veneris is apparently Latin for the Vagina. This sums up the sound nicely - warm, delicate but powerful with an unexplainable beauty that surrounds you & leaves you wanting more. A lush blend of dripping electronica, saucy live instruments, blistering beats & natural sounds recorded on location. E.G. Amor Veneris once carried an entire drum kit & mobile recording unit down a slippery railway embankment in the middle of winter & (allegedly) broke into a disused British Rail tunnel to record subterranean drums & vocal sounds. He has also done a tune composed mainly of the varied sounds of snow, and another one using only sounds from his favourite woods ( including the animals, of course). We are actively discouraging psychiatric assessment.


Kunstenaar: Various Artists
Titel: Alternative Blueprint 1 / Various
Genre: Electronic
Releasedatum: 28-9-2004
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 5050521001326
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