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Music to Stand By the Fireplace to

Music to Stand By the Fireplace to

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There is no 'Alexander' in Alexander's Dark Band. Alexander, of course, is Alexander of Aphrodisias, who first described the dark band of unlit sky that sometimes, though rarely, appears following a storm. Between the band's six members, they have witnessed this phenomenon exactly three times (more than any other group of six in history), and having experienced it firsthand, can therefore legitimately claim it as their moniker. Furthermore, the music they create can be compared to the feeling you get when you first walk outside after a storm - the air is warm and moist, the clouds peel back to reveal a blue sky, nature shakes herself off like a big wet dog, and up in the sky you see the remnants of the dark past, accompanied by the promise of hope. They will do it to your ears. Alexander's Dark Band is from Austin, TX. Personnel includes Annalise Ohse on violin and vocals, Brian Beadle on drums, Callie Sparrow on flute and vocals, Jake Buchert on bass, Jeff Luna on guitar and vocals, and Peanut on viola and vocals. We encourage you to purchase and enjoy our debut CD, 'Music to Stand By The Fireplace To.' We hope that the implications of the title do not discourage this purchase. It was revealed in a recent poll that approximately 70% of Americans go home to a fireplaceless house every evening, hungry for the warmth and relaxation that a fireplace affords in these hard times. It is for these people that we made this recording. 'Music to Stand By The Fireplace to' was designed to function as a virtual fireplace to fill it's listeners with warmth and relaxation. We want to help you access the fireplace in your mind. The logs have been stacked and ignited and the flue has been pulled open - won't you join us by the fire?


Kunstenaar: Alexander's Dark Band
Titel: Music to Stand By the Fireplace to
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 6-5-2008
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 700261239569
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