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The Acoustic Freight Train is an 'intellectuals' band with lyrics of incessant introspection and societal assessment often riddled with scathing wit and sophistication. The beauty in their music is found in diverse themes from the 9/11 retrospect 'Journey Away' to the tongue & cheek debt anthem 'I'm Gonna Buy You followed up by the spiritual musings of 'Belief's a Mighty Salve'. The more you listen to the music of the Acoustic Freight Train the more that will be revealed. The Acoustic Freight Train line-up has been playing and recording together since 1994. Defining a unique jazz-rock/pop-rock style they artistically produce a sound that conveys emotion and depth. Simple infectious chorus lines develop within the material and build in verse to provide lyrically complex themes. Musically the band is technical and astute, producing a sound that is refined, edgy and inspired. The Acoustic Freight Train is comprised of Sean Moore, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica; Neil Hartman, drums, background vocals; and Jim Summerlin Bass Guitar, background vocals. The foundation is laid by Neil's solid rhythmic beat. Neil has played with Sean for more than 10 years and provides a vocal harmony that seamlessly melds with Sean's baritone vocal attack. Jim Summerlin, propels the songs forward with his melodic yet technically precise bass lines to add flavor and spice to the sonic feast. Sean's aggressive playing style emphasizes the percussive nature of the acoustic guitar. His incessant introspection and societal assessment shine through lyrics riddled with scathing wit and sophistication. The intimacy Sean has revealed in song can only be truly appreciated by witnessing him in live performance. Complex arrangements are derived from influences such as Bob Dylan, Mark Knophler, U2 as well as Jazz, folk and alternative genres. The pop melodies and harmony implementation is reminiscent of Dave Mathews and The BareNaked Ladies. The Acoustic Freight Train is not an original band re-hashing yesteryears rhythms and ideals. They are a multifaceted unit approaching the new millennium with attitude and issues to spark global audience appeal. Humor, sarcasm, virtuosity and great showmanship provide for an encompassing stage show. Fueled by Sean's songwriting passion, the band conveys lyric messages with intent and conviction seldom found in performance today. Audiences are confronted with a musical array of tasteful styling and precise songwriting talent. Evenings with the Acoustic Freight Train are characterized by great entertainment and an emphasis that redefines originality and creativity.


Kunstenaar: Acoustic Freight Train
Titel: September
Genre: Folk
Releasedatum: 16-8-2005
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 783707090009
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