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Cruelty of Gravity

Cruelty of Gravity

  • Door Abraham Cloud
  • Release 30-9-2008
  • Muziekgenre Rock
  • Media-indeling CD
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PUT ON TRACK 2 IMMEDIATELY !!!!! It\'s called \'Norma Mc Call,\' and it\'s an out-of-the-box smash hit. Truly the best party song I\'ve heard in years. It reminds me a bit of 'Brown Eyed Girl' in it's vibe. But it\'s more of a combination of like the B52's and Ozzie Osborne. Definitely gets me smiling all day long. I absolutely love the whole CD. It has a rare, 'lived-in,' feeling and still it constantly challenges the imagination. My second favorite track is, "another creature born to ruin rock'n'roll," which has a bit of a Beatles, Rubber Soul feel. Seems every time Cloud leaves his room he encounters beautiful creatures out to destroy his life. Being pretty good friends, I know how he writes. Basically, he disappears. Totally cocoons himself until he feels he's gotten it all out and can deal with the 'creatures' again. It's like any outside influence will corrupt the purity of the music, (as if it isn't corrupt enough already.) Which brings up my third favorite, "Sellin My Ass." This songs rocks the paint off the wall. The guitar seems to want to shred my face and the relentless drums against the psycho-violins depicts a truly troubled mind. It seems to be about a male-hooker having doubts about hitting the Boulevard again, but you can't understand most the words. Usually I find this aggravating and unprofessional but in 'Sellin' it's fascinating, cause I do want to know what's going on. "Cruel Shades of Blue," resurrects the best of vintage Bowie. It's almost like a lost Bowie track complete with rain, thunder and harps on a dark and lonely beach. It's kinda like Major Tom (in a Man Who Sold the World kinda way). And I really love the singing sea-elves in the middle part. If you're into sad ballads, "All in All " is devastating. The line, "There's only room enough in here for me," is haunting . A beautifully simple production with some very tasty nuances. He uses these faint other-worldly, inner-thought parts very effectively. Striking. "Say It Like You Said It" could be a huge hit for some modern artist. Cloud sounds like Lou Reed singing with the Pussycat Dolls or something. Totally entertaining, but the song is definitely there for prettier people to rape and pillage. Ooops, ha ha, I almost forgot the Lennon tune, and first track, "Flying Over You." Incredible sixties kind of building production. John Lennon reborn, everything from the sneer, to the horns, soaring background vocals and even featuring "I am the Walrus" snare drums. This is a beautiful, puzzling record. It definitely gets better and better with repeated listening. Although I've talked a lot about influences, Cloud definitely has his own voice and style. I naturally look for deeper meaning but he tells me everything was improvised in two takes and most of his time was spent playing with the sound. (Which does explain some of the unfinished lyrics !!!!) The whole thing is summed up in one line I especially love from, "it's waiting patiently outside", "Outside your mind, out where life is good and fine, You might find and answer. " Bjorn Engler (friend of the Cloud)


Kunstenaar: Abraham Cloud
Titel: Cruelty of Gravity
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 30-9-2008
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 614346046143
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