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My Music Plan

My Music Plan

  • Door 8889
  • Release 17-11-2005
  • Muziekgenre Rock
  • Media-indeling CD
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Product notities

Released in late 2005 to the delight of critics and casual fans alike, 'My Music Plan' is a strong Midwestern shout from the rafters at the increasingly formulaic hipster brand. It also helped 8889 net four nominations for best new artist, best pop album, best pop artist, and best pop song at the 2006 MAMA's, which isn't too shabby. The truth is that whether you think 'My Music Plan' is retro, beautiful, sad, sweet, bitter, passionate, or joyful, it's honest, and we know it has at least eight songs you need to complete the soundtrack of your life. '8889 exude all the sincerity and innocent charm of the proverbial boy next door: It comes through in their songs - polished pop rock statements draped in the classic hues of the Beatles, Beach Boys and Motown, and it comes through in their lyrics, which feature candid reflections on loving and living in a world that sometimes moves too fast...Behind the tireless drive of the band's talented songwriting tandem, Benbow and Teteak, and the astute guidance of co-producer Lucas Jorgensen, 8889 have authored a document in 'My Music Plan' of passionate delivery and meticulous craftsmanship. A terrific debut - the very definition of genuine.' -The Isthmus 'A Precious Pop Gem - 'My Music Plan' is near-perfect guitar pop, a Midwestern spin on a grand British tradition. The melodies are gorgeous and infectious...Like Coldplay for people who can't stand Coldplay, 8889 are capable of turning relatively simple melodies into giant, sweeping epic moments, and have produced an album that is slick and radio-friendly without being excessive or lifeless. If you're weary of both lazy songwriting posing as underground, and bland, formulaic radio tunes, you'll want to check out 'Dandelions,' 'Two-Way Dream,' and, well, pretty much the whole damn CD.' -John Payne, Rick's Cafe '8889 are clearly one of the best new bands of the year. They have all the essential components for a top-notch pop band: hummable, instantly memorable melodies, dead-on vocal harmonies that rival the Beatles, and chord progressions that hook you in and won't let go...This is a welcome breath of light, sweet fresh air in a world that grows increasingly dark, heavy and stinky in each passing day.' -Rick Tvedt, Rick's Cafe 'Thank you! Our prayers have been answered! Back in May of 2005 we pleaded for a full-length from this Wisconsin five-some after their most excellent debut EP and they've delivered! Furthering the Brit-pop vibe that permeated their debut, this one again features hook-filled songs propelled by jangly guitars and the vocals of Ross Benbow and Jason Teteak. 'My Music Plan' will appeal immediately to fans of 80's/90's Brit-pop-sters...EXCELLENT!!!' -Kool Kat Musik 'With a Brit-pop sensibility that hearkens back to the late '90s and channels Blur with a dash of Oasis, local Madison band 8889's first full length album 'My Music Plan' shows a healthy disregard for all trends indie and moves decidedly into the genre of smooth guitar pop. 8889 clearly demonstrates potential and the possession of songcraft building blocks necessary to become lasting musicians...' -The Daily Cardinal 'This is a full length CD that delivers on the promise of 8889's EP...richly-textured pop with a surprising maturity for a new band and always linked by gentle acoustic strumming, a deft melodic sensibility, and concise, sweet song structures.' -Not Lame Records 'Madison's 8889 play smooth, earnest, and accessible jangle-rock with luxuriant harmonies. Mid-tempo jaunts are flavored with keyboards and layered guitars, and singer Ross Benbow provides a strong sway factor as the songs roll and flow.' -The Onion.


Kunstenaar: 8889
Titel: My Music Plan
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 17-11-2005
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 634479202995
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