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60X60 (2006-2007)

60X60 (2006-2007)

  • Door Various Artists
  • Release 8-7-2008
  • Muziekgenre Electronic
  • Media-indeling CD
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60x60 CD (2006-2007) 60x60 is a project containing 60 compositions from 60 different composers, where each composition is 60 seconds (or less) in duration. The goal of this project is to highlight the work of a great many composers. The project presents a cross-section of contemporary music, including the various styles, aesthetics and techniques being used by the composers of today. 60x60 is a circle of sound, the 60 pieces represent a slice of the contemporary music scene. The works in this 2 CD volume of the 60x60 project represent the submissions received for the years 2006 and 2007. The mission of the 60x60 project and it's presenter, Vox Novus, is to expose the greatest number of composers and their works to the largest audience possible. 60x60 combines grassroots ideology with cutting-edge methods of presentation and distribution. Each year the project grows in artistic and distributive scope. Achieving it's initiative, the 60x60 promotes contemporary composition across the globe. 2006 1) Neutron Ivan Zavada Neutron uses his original audio looping software systematically to mirror the present socio-cultural and economical context where repetition is privileged on several levels of structure. The isolation of a neutral sonorous particle provokes an elastic chain reaction that evokes organized chaos. While a loop is a sort of neutral sonic kernel, it attracts humans more and more, and the musical whirlwind siphons their mind! 2) Tobio CDZabu (collective) CDZabu (formerly known as ~chromatik_d_zabu. Tmp) is an international collective of musicians who collaborate via the Internet. Pieces are composed sequentially, through the continual addition of musical strata by different participants of all stripes (academic, self-taught, electronica, rock, classical) who operate under mysterious pseudonyms. The pieces are then mixed and published for free on the collective's web site. Come visit and join the fun, new members are welcome! Tobio was composed by Snvl, Dr Chnolles, b.p.-y.m. and Marsmalade 3) Amerika Ist Nun Erwackt David Hahn David Hahn creates diverse styles of music ranging from processed electric guitar to musique concrète sound collages to more traditional settings for instrument and voice. 4) Whitecap Scott Smallwood Scott Smallwood was born in Dallas, Texas, and grew up at 10,000 feet in elevation in the Colorado Rockies. Currently based in New Jersey, his work ranges from sonic photographs, abstracted studio pieces, improvisations, and composed structures, encompassing real and abstracted sound textures based on a practice of listening, improvisation, and phonography. 5) Gamaka Christopher Cook Gamaka is largely comprised of samples from a voice, cello, and drum. The samples are woven into a raga-like pattern complete with a quasi-vocal line. 6) 60X3 Maggi Payne 60X3, stems from a coincidence. It is her third entry for the 60X60 project (:60 faucet for the first project and :60 Fizz for the second) and it uses three modified sources: a faulty valve in a sink's faucet, a tiny motor, and a floor furnace. 7) De and Reconstruction Balie Todd De and Reconstruction began as ambience for a short film. Samples of low moans and growls were run through a spectral EQ, as though a door was opening into something new. The percussive jabber is a two minute long chorus sampled with sixteenth notes cut and played one after the other. 8) Phase 59 Arthur Gottschalk Gottschalk created Phase 59 as a companion to Phase 58, using samples from his analog composition Strange Loops, and an out-take from a recording of his flute piece Contrary Variants. In Phase 59 he strives to evoke a soundscape never before heard and yet... strangely familiar. 9) Ashi Cheryl Leonard Ashi is the Japanese word for foot, pace, or gait. All sounds were made by wobbling amplified pieces of granite and volcanic tuff. Stones were gently nudged into motion, then allowed to settle back to a state of rest. 10) Jonty's Acousmatic Tube Ride Sam Pluta Jonty's Acousmatic Tube Ride, a riff on plastic straws, is written in honor of BEAST leader Jonty Harrison. 11) Number 4 from 10 Etudes for Balloon Aaron Drake 10 Etudes for Balloon explores virtuosic balloon playing techniques. Like other Etudes, each balloon etude employs at least one technical or compositional gimmick. Etudes may be performed on any balloon, regardless of size or color. 12) diner Stephen Betts Inspired by DonSiegel's 1974 movie 'Charley Varrick', diner is based on the opening robbery sequence, where Charley escapes with gang member Harmon and his fatally wounded getaway-driver-wife, Nadine. A Dickensian Parallel as well: Charley's small time bank job nets nearly a million from a Mob drop box and, like Pip in Great Expectations, his inheritance derived from a convict's exertions, Charley will be a rich man if he can disconnect his fortune from it's criminal past. I've reflected this in the meal: a very Victorian combination of fried egg on a pork chop. 13) program note by Henry Cowell B Alan Shockley A few years before his death, composer Henry Cowell recorded several of his early piano works along with a brief set of audio notes for each. Cowell gets the last word in this "beta" version of a longer tape piece. 14) Analogy Asha Srinivasan Analogy's analogy is probably pretty clear and doesn't need much more explanation. 15) Remembering Home Laurie Spiegel 'Remembering Home' for electric banjo with digital signal processing was composed after returning to man-made New York City from a recent visit home to the ravines of northern Illinois, a glimpse of a completely different life that might have been, and a family that will never again be what it was. 16) Thanks for that Bruce Paul Burnell "Thanks for that Bruce" is dedicated to two Bruces. One famous, the other - regrettably and thankfully - not famous. 17) Pieces Aaron Acosta pieces is composed of sound effects, cell phone ringers, excerpts from the news, granular synthesis, and a piano track (performed by himself) combine to create a feeling of information overload. 18) Nature is Cindy Cox Nature is features text by John Campion. 19) 60,000,000,000 David Shannon David Ben Shannon is an English composer, working predominantly in film and theatre. He is a music graduate of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. He is twenty-one and lives in Merseyside, England. 20) Kissing a Woman Polly Moller Kissing a Woman features the voice of photographer Shiloh Burton, emphatically spurning the composer's hypothetical bi-curious advances as part of their duo project in the San Francisco Fling exhibit. 21) Rain James Bohn James Bohn has served as a guest artist at the 7-11 festival in Urbana, Illinois, and at Most Significant Bytes 2002 in Akron, Ohio. James has received commissions from the Bonk Festival, the University of Illinois School of Music, The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and the Boston and Chicago Chapters of the American Composer's Forum. His book on Lejaren Hiller is available on Edwin Mellen Press. 22) Flash! Joan La Barbara "Flash!" was composed for violinist Ariana Kim and premiered at Juilliard's Paul Hall in 2005. Flash! Begins with a deer-caught-in-the-headlights gasp and hurtles forward at breakneck speed, fingers flying through flashing runs until the final strum and rapid snap pizz. Allan Kozinn of The New York Times wrote, "Flash! Had the spirit of an animated monologue." 23) What you don't want to hear Nicole Kim What you don't want to hear is a musical attempt to represent the ever-present battle between the good and evil. 24) Sul C Ronald Keith Parks Sul C is an exploration of the sound possibilities that exist along the C string of the cello. 25) Calling G.B Jennifer Griffith Calling G.B. is a nod to the work of George Brunner, who Griffith studied with at Brooklyn College. Musical strategies used here in creating mood are explored further in her electronic work, Who is Miranda (part of The Tempest Project, forthcoming on Pogus), which combines text with a similar palette. 26) Handful of Rain Dylan Mattingly Imagine yourself being slowly lowered up through chain-saw winds in the fog, on a long dark escalator. 27) Iberian Aria Rodney Oakes Iberian Aria was created with the software program, Metasynth. The work was made essentially from digital pictures taken during January, 2005, of Spain, Portugal, and the Rock of Gibraltar. Metasynth allows for the control of sound with digital images. 28) Yaylada Erdem Helvacioglu 'Yaylada' uses processed sounds of the kemane, kaval and the sipsi which are all traditional instruments of the Yoruks. The piece aims to evoke the Yoruks' nomadic way of life in the mountains of Turkey and to highlight their musical identity. 29) Skating Still Gina Biver Skating Still is about the elasticity of time; the illusory nature of our perception of it: the way it expands and contracts depending on what we do. Kris Miller, violin - Lisa Kachouee, clarinet. 30) They Saw That They Were Naked Dwight Ashley They Saw That They Were Naked is an orchestral piece, written for strings, bass trombone, and glockenspiel. 31) Barcarolla Liana Alexandra "Liana Alexandra is regarded as the leading Romanian composer of her generation. Her compositional vocabulary is wide, ranging from cluster and aleatoric technique to broad lyric melody based on folk elements from her native culture' (Grey Youtz, Michigan University) 32) Cinder Cone Marc Barreca Cinder Cone was recorded at Drab Studios, Bainbridge Island on a computer using sampled and synthesized sounds. 33) My Visiting Card Xiting Yang My Visiting Card includes text from a visiting card in Chinese language with musical and concrete sounds. 34) The Indecisive Moment Mark Vernon The Indecisive Moment is composed from field recordings taken at Recyclart, a multi-functional arts space in Brussels. An imaginative young man with aspirations to news reporting tells some pretty tall tales. Over a backdrop of sirens and circling helicopters he gives the latest update on the kidnapping of Jean-Pierre, or perhaps a ransom demand? 35) Moving Water Andra McCartney Moving Water brings together treatments of water recordings from Vancouver's Queen Elizabeth Park creek, Ontario's Crowe River, the Caribbean Sea in Grenada, and Montreal's St. Lawrence River. 36) Things Jordan McLean Things 2004 is constructed by orchestrating a transcription of a clandestine recording of a few friends talking, laughing and screaming. 37) On Simak Pond Robert Dick Inspired by the science fiction writings of Clifford J. Simak, On Simak Pond is meant to conjure apparitions that float in the magical dusk at the shore of a real and imaginary pond where memory, sentiment, conjecture, fear and joy all overlap. 38) Pretty Katrina Wreede Last year Wreede took three little girls from her neighborhood, ages 9, 10 and 12, to hear the 60x60 show at Mills College. They had never heard of a college before, and they had never sat in the dark listening to music. Afterwards she asked if they'd like to help make a submission for this year. With much enthusiasm, they created a montage of pre-teen-ness addressing girls' body image issues and, oh yes, silliness. 39) One Minute Drama David Newby Due to increased availability of recording software and engineering, Newby is at last pursuing his life-long passion to produce his own synthesized music. One Minute Drama is but one short example. 40) Ranaat Eek Ian Dicke Ranaat Eek is named for the high pitched metallophones of Thailand and Cambodia. 41) METRO TRIBE Carolyn Yarnell METRO TRIBE is a brief urban study, layering multiple rhythms and glittering textures into a kaleidoscopic milieu. 42) James Bond vs the Venominator Nicolas Chausseau Nicolas Chausseau is interested in the functional relationship of compositional processes to cultures and to zeitgeists. Some of his work for synthesisers and guitar is infected with popular culture memes that can be found, for example, in car or walkman designs and video games. 43) Lois David Gunn Lois is a true story, as much as any story nowadays can be considered true. It was recorded using a dynamic microphone specially adapted to withstand dinosaur ejecta. The plucky recording engineer regrettably was not so adapted. 44) Moog of Destruction Andrew Cole Moog of Destruction was written using a Moog synthesizer. The title really just says it all. 45) Who are you? Agnes Szelag Who are you? is a song exploring finality. Memory and nostalgia make it difficult for relationships to really end. The childlike voice represents the innocence of when we are falling in love with someone else. This is one of the only times in our lives when we see someone else in ourselves and at that time we are infinite. 46) The Starling Clock Wound Charles Norman Mason The Starling Clock Wound uses 2 sounds: a single chirp from a starling and the sound of a flock of starlings. 47) Whirlitzer Margaret Schedel Whirlitzer contains fifty eight thousand, nine hundred ninety eight miliseconds of pure evil. Make sure there aren't sharp objects around while you listen (jk). Imagine circuit bending a music box, now, after checking for sharp objects, you may listen. 48) Memory of Loss Ann Cantelow Memory of Loss consists of multiple theremin tracks. It is dedicated to the memory of her father. 49) March of the Krumerhorns John Biggs John Biggs was born in Los Angeles in 1932. His father was organist Richard Keys Biggs, and his mother was singer Lucienne Gourdon. He was number 8 in a family of 11 children.. 50) Minutia Greg Dixon Minutia consists of many small and unimportant details that soon become overwhelming, evoking a palpable emotional response to a seemingly insignificant series of events. 51) 60x601 Tony Higgins 60x601 uses loops created with a Korg AX1500g and a Fender Strat. 52) 60x60 06 George Brunner Brunner is a composer and performer, researcher/writer, recording engineer/producer and teacher. He is writing a book on Text Sound Composition and is considered an authority on the subject. Brunner is the director and founder of the Brooklyn College Electroacoustic Music Ensemble at Brooklyn College, where he organizes the biannual International Electroacoustic Music Festival. 53) One Minute under God Eldad Tsabary In his compositions, Eldad explores intercultural and interreligious subject matter. 54) Lake House Letter Lynn Job Lake House Letter begins with the Latin chant 'Puer natus in Bethlehem' (a boy is born in Bethlehem). Spiritual conflict, persecution, and confusion exist but innocence and goodness prevail. Job spins this expressive tale from material in her Armiger's Gate (viola), Jesu nostra redemptio (choir), Azimuth Dance (percussion), and more, including familiar sounds from nature, and a cadential lute, quoting English composer John Dowland. 55) Hallelujah Marita Bolles Hallelujah is for two channel spatialized voice, using two hours of left-over sound sources from composer/tenor Derek Keller. I used this opportunity to make a miniature that is a variation on the original work. 56) Sagittarius Robert Voisey Sagittarius is one constellation from something larger representing the evening sky. 57) Morning Song Stuart Hinds Hinds sings truly contrapuntal music where the fundamental line moves with complete freedom while the overtone line conforms to the natural harmonics of the sounding fundamental. Both parts move with a high level of independence. A Swedish reviewer called his work an example of "true and uncorrupted artistry." 58) I Go Home Monroe Golden I Go Home is based on a poem by Penny Arnold, whose narrations (whispered, jabbered, intoned, and sung) provide the sole source material for the work. Composed with Adobe Audition, each line of the poem corresponds to a phrase with duration determined by the number of syllables. 59) Endless Song Stan Link Endless Song is inspired by a play by William Butler Yeats: "Land of Heart's Desire, Where beauty has no ebb. Decay no flood, But Joy is wisdom, time an endless song." 60) And die David Fenech And die are like the last 60 seconds of a dying person, not a second more. 2007 1) Going To The Match Adam Caird Going to the Match was inspired by the scene around the stadium before a game. The sound of the turnstiles and the crowd form the musical material which represents how flows of people run sometimes against one another and at other times together in parallel currents. 2) Ground Alphonse Izzo Ground was composed by imagining the sound of a Harpsichord attempting to break out of it's own sonic cage. 3) Verbosity Ore Doug Geers Verbosity Ore follows one short path unpacked from a thumbprint of music. Nearly all the sounds of the piece were created by manipulating a recording of one vocalist singing one word. 4) Phase Shift John Schappert John Schappert's formal education and background is in music, the computer sciences and systems engineering. He has been a musician, chef, computer operator, database and systems administrator, systems engineer, house-husband, caretaker, and home-school teacher. 5) Double Future Container Love Music John Maters In Double Future Container Love Music he continues exploring the possibilities of recycling and re-transformation, rethinking a work by considering it in relationship to different contexts. This piece infiltrates ordinary conditions with the mixed emotions of homesickness and consolation, which are disturbed by the undetermined sounds of a building-ground, where past and future are present. 6) Black Lung Christian McLeer Christian McLeer is the artistic director and founder of Remarkable Theater Brigade. His work HOPE was his first commission at the age of 14 from American Cancer Society. He attended Julliard Pre-College and worked his way through Manhattan School of Music where he acquired his Bachelor's degree, composing and performing professionally for classical, jazz and rock ensembles. 7) Cycles 1 Thierry Gauthier Cycles1 is an expressionist acousmatic piece where the concept and process is minimalist and repetitive. The cyclic revolution is conceived with microsounds which are accumulated, repeated and granulated by the mediation of microloops. 8) Aspect Melissa Grey One definition of aspect is the way in which the planets, from their relative positions, look upon each other [and] their joint look upon the earth. Commonplace sounds that mark the beginning of my day provide the sonic palette: constellating harmonies from noise, Aspect shifts the perspective from the mundane to the stars' collective view of Earth. 9) Obsidian Marcel Gherman This musical composition expresses the texture and color of obsidian, and acts as a metaphor for the feeling of bliss and fulfillment that is intuitively present within each person, for every moment of life. 10) Ives in Space Zachary Kurth-Nelson Ives in Space combines natural sounds with samples of recorded music in an attempt to create entirely new sound conglomerations that exceed the sum of their component parts. 11) Told You So Chris Mann 'Language is the mechanism whereby you understand what I'm thinking better than I do. (Where 'I' is defined by those changes for which I is required).' 12) Free Speech Noah Creshevsky Free Speech uses hyperrealism, an electroacoustic musical language constructed from sounds that are found in our shared environment, handled in ways that are somehow exaggerated or excessive. Text written and performed by Chris Mann. 13) sssffFGGRGR Olivier Tache sssffFGGRGR (pronounced as a rough and continuous sound) is a somewhat violent digest of life in societies invaded by technologies and information. 60 seconds is enough to go through several steps marked by the increasing feeling that machines surrounding us, video games or plants, are getting out of control. 14) (m)inut (ile) Graziano Lella His music attempts to fill existence with immanence and to express it's strength and depth. It expresses the process of becoming a man, the continuous self-consistent intensity, where forms change and dissolve in the flow of becoming, as if they were pure micro-metamorphous. 15) forty-nine Ken Steen forty-nine was composed from material originally collected during my ACF Continental Harmony Reliquary of Labor project. Nearly all of the sound sources were harvested during the construction and renovation process of the New Britain Museum of American Art. 16) Bad Villager Jay Batzner Bad Villager was inspired by a news story (and photographs) of a Bösendorfer piano falling off the back of a loading truck. All of the samples come from the Freesound user batchku's sample pack "piano/dry ice." 17) Future Remembrance Dennis Báthory-Kitsz Dennis Báthory-Kitsz co-hosted Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar, co-founded the NonPop International Network, and has been project director for new music festivals since 1973. 18) la vie aménagée-le quart d'heure Henri Algadafe and Philippe Vernier 'La vie aménagée-le quart d'heure' is built on sounds of everyday life. Sounds of indefinite pitch such as squeaking wheels, stone shoveling and compressors provide rhythmical elements. 19) 1.9 Andrew Eckel 1.9 is a song about a magazine article. Maybe you've read it. Andrew played all the instruments except the trumpet, played by Katie Silberstein. 20) Separation Anxiety Thomas Bailey Separation Anxiety is a jolting minute inspired by a quote from Slavoj Zizek regarding anxiety, and by the composer's personal struggles with the condition noted in the title. Separation Anxiety is a highly compressed/ truncated translation into 'raw sound' of continually firing nervous tics and almost palpable premonitions. 21) Godot in hurry Gintas Kraptavicius Godot in hurry may be described as microsound or noise, but it's intention is to study the physical effects of sound on the human psyche. 22) Dinadanvtli Mike McFerron Dinadanvtli means 'My Brother' in Cherokee. 23) Fenouillet I Sophie Lacaze Fenouillet I is an acousmatic work based on sounds gathered on excavations in Fenouillet Castle in France. The sounds-including wheelbarrows and trowels-are organized in rhythms of dances. 24) Was Er Sagte, Was Er Bedeutete David McIntire Was Er Sagte, Was Er Bedeutete (What He said, What He Meant) was composed in response to certain U.S. government policies. The title is in German since the work was first presented to a German audience, and because the speaking official is wanted for war crimes in that country. The work uses samples from thanvannispen, ashassin, and FreqMan of the Freesound Project. 25) Animal Farm Serban Nichifor Nichifor received his Doctorate in Musicology at National University of Music, Bucharest. He is the Vice-president of the Romania-Belgium, cellist of the Duo Intermedia and co-director of the Nuova Musica Consonate - Living Music Foundation Inc. Festival. He is presently a professor at the National University of Music, Bucharest 26) CYBERNATION Sabrina Peña Young Cybernation Contrary to popular belief you are a brainwashed idiot. 27) Salvation Leslie de Melcher Melcher holds a PhD in philosophy from the Universitie of Paris, Sorbonne and a first prize in composition from the Ecole Normale de musique de Paris. 28) Surge John Allemeier Surge consists of a single gesture that is like a wave on a beach. Many of the individual sounds are smaller versions of the larger form. 29) Here, I'll Play It Again David Morneau Here, I'll Play It Again grew out of sketches for another project. He liked the idea of having a voice gradually emerge from noise-chaos into order, randomness into meaning, confusion into clarity. 30) RUherex60 Jeff Morris In RUherex60, those lines are used to create an improvised performance on his custom built gamepad-based sampling instrument. 31) The scale of coelacanth Michiko Kawagoe The scale of a coelacanth was made using the program SYNTAL06. The various event types are used with successive overlaps to create sensitive transformations of sounds and sound colors. The piece expresses her image of a coelacanth reflecting on the continuity of time from ancient history by using synthesized voices which were unheard until quite recently. 32 Crawl HyeKyung Lee Crawl uses the kalimba sounds, plucking, and scraping the wooden box. 33) Reminded of Dickens Rodney Waschka II At the time I composed Reminded of Dickens, I had been reading Orwell on Dickens and thinking about various aspects of Dickens' work and life. Somehow the composition of this piece seemed linked to those thoughts. 34) Two Secrets Helen Nattrass Two Secrets uses fragments from Persian poet Rumi and French writer Daniel Pons to evoke the agony of hidden emotions. Desire is obsessive. Joy is effervescent. Voice is Helen Nattrass and piano, Derek Foster. Rumi's text reads: "Aujourd'hui le vent m'a apporté ton parfum: pour le remercier, j'ai donné mon coeur au vent." It translates: "Today the wind brought me your scent; for thanks, I gave the wind my heart." Pons's text reads: "La joie c'est Dieu en vous/ Qui se lève/ Qui s'ébroue,/ Et qui commence à sourire." It translates: "Joy is God in you who gets up, shakes himself and starts to laugh." 35) Delerium David Cutler Delerium was constructed using Digital Performer, Pro Tools, a Kurzweil 2500, and modified samples of an accordion. This work features electronic microtonal patches I designed. 36) Lo siento Brad Decker Brad Decker's music has been acknowledged by the 2005 ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Composer Competition, the Bourges 31e Concours International de Musique et d'Art Sonore Electroacoustiques, the IV Edition Pierre Schaeffer International Competition of Computer Music, and the 2004 Concurso Internacional de Música Eletroacústica de São Paulo. 37) Ion Gravity Lifter Tim Mukherjee The title refers to a device that levitates objects by creating an ionic wind via high voltage. The means are invisible though momentary electric arcs sometimes appear. 38) Deck for Chair, Too Al Margolis Deck for Chair, Too could be considered a field recording. But then again, maybe not. 39) Public Concert Drake Mabry 'de-coughing' the recording of a cello solo, he discovered that the coughs from the public created a parallel composition. After 'de-coughing' the cello solo he decided to 'de-cello' the coughing piece. The result is Public Concert. 40) street life Anne van Schothorst The atmosphere is important in my compositions: street life: sounds of the street. I integrated/ added a little piece of my harp sounds as street music. 41) Numero Uno Jane Wang Numero Uno is my reaction to being an ugly American. This piece was constructed using manipulations of found audio clips and recorded material layered with precanned loops. Any distortion experienced is intentional. 42) A Tribal Second Gene Pritsker A Tribal Second is as if you were passing a ritualistic ancient observance, but it was only in your hearing range for a minuet. You go on your way and the tribal celebration continues. 43) He Changed Into His Brown Trousers Tim Reed He Changed Into His Brown Trousers is an electroacoustic work for fixed media featuring sounds which emanated from Russell Brown in the Spring of 2007. 44) Bathtime Dorothy Hindman Bathtime is the second musique concrete work in a series based on source material recorded during typical family rituals, in this case bathtime for two young boys. 81 separate sonic events, were combined and processed to create a stereo file that moves from aggressive chaos to a zen-like contemplation of meaning, reflecting the soothing, cathartic qualities of the bath. 45) 60x60 edit Iris Garrelfs 60x60 edit was made from voice sounds recorded at hotel room practice sessions during a trip to Mexico in 2006. 46) persimmonix Travis Johns Travis Johns's can be described as a western progression on a spherical plane, leaving him approximately 2954 miles from his initial point of origin. He seems to make various experimentally-derived sounds during this circumnavigation. 47) Follow The Triangle Stephen B. Rothman Follow the Triangle is a piece for eight trombones, piano, double bass and drums. It is based on a single theme that builds up towards three suspended chords ending with a question. 48) Monologue Ivan Elezovic Monologue was created apropos the 20th anniversary of Giacinto Scelsi's death to emphasize some highlights of the composer's life and music. Particular attention is paid to what Scelsi called the "third dimension" of sound, the attribute of musical elements other than pitch and duration most notable in Quattro Pezzi. 49) The Oriental Singer Joelle Khoury The Oriental Singer is a voice and electronics introduction to her Arabic opera. Based on the text of a contemporary Lebanese poet, the opera is the first of it's kind, and includes modal, atonal, polyrhythmic polyphony. 50) "Once upon a time, in the back of my mind..." Cynthia Zaven "Once upon a time, in the back of my mind..." is a tune on the piano that haunted me for a very long time. One day I decided I had to write it down; But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get rid of the old crackly sounds. This is the version I came up with, as polished and clean as possible... 51) Lost Among Them Bill Ryan Lost Among Them is a remix of my composition 'Blurred' (Todd Reynolds, violin, Taimur Sullivan, soprano saxophone, Michael Lowenstern, bass clarinet, Steven Gosling, piano). 52) Mongolia water on metal Simon Whetham Mongolia water on metal, was captured in the town of Dulaankhaan, where the only remaining bow and arrow factory in Mongolia still produces traditionally made weapons. Meltwater ran from the roof, hitting metal-clad windowsills, playing an industrial melody. 53) Journey to the Light Tuan Hung Le Journey to the Light is a realization of the following poem in sounds: Thunders across the sky: / Acoustic vessels / For The journey of the Mind / Towards the shinning Light. 54) Tre post scripta #3 Andrea Vigani Post scripta is a post scriptum of a non-existent, unsent, unwritten, never-received letters, to or from unknown people. It is a comment on an unreal tale that may be written in the future or may have been written and forgotten in the past; from only a fragment one can reconstruct a moment of real life. 55) Lullaby I Panayiotis Kokoras Lullaby I is orchestrated for electronics with flute, piano and classical guitar, and is intended for pregnant women and their unborn children. Sound sources include recordings from a Music box playing a Brahms' Lullaby as well as the human sounds of breath, speech, and heart-beat. 56) Rohrschach Tilmann Dehnhard Rohrschach was created with violin scratch noises, a gong and two piano incidents. The gong (a little brass cup) moved towards the microphones while recording, thus creating the spatial and dynamical change of the track. This piece was inspired by the famous Rohrschach Test pictures. It has an axis in the middle. Viewed as a wave in music software, it has a kind of Rohrschach look to it. 57) 60 Second Fantasy VII John Pitts 60 second Fantasy VII is a fast, electronic version of a piano piece of the same name with various gradually changing high speed patterns above a quieter, slower version of some of the same material. 58) Trumpet Fantasy Ben Bierman Trumpet Fantasy is Bierman's imitation of a large group of very silly trumpet players having some fun with a fanfare. 59) On the outside, looking in... Monique Buzzarté Monique Buzzarté is a trombonist/composer. On the outside, looking in is scored for trombone and live processing and performed live by the composer. 60) Founding Fathers Benjamin Boone One of Boone's favorite radio shows on NPR is "The Thomas Jefferson Hour," which has given him a greater appreciation for the wisdom of our "Founding Fathers." Steeped in knowledge of the humanities, these men understood more fully than most contemporary politicians what the TRUE threats to democracy are. He invites you to LISTEN to THEIR WORDS and realize for yourself what TRUE PATRIOTISM is...


Kunstenaar: Various Artists
Titel: 60X60 (2006-2007)
Genre: Electronic
Releasedatum: 8-7-2008
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 796873087025
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