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Devastation of Affection

Devastation of Affection

  • Door 2DazeOff
  • Release 8-2-2005
  • Muziekgenre Rock
  • Media-indeling CD
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Product notities

Devastation Of Affection is the first album to come from this Rocking Group from the Midwest. 2DazeOff is a modern rock band from America's Heartland with a radio friendly sound that is ready for today's marketplace. 'Can't Quite Explain', the opening cut from 'Devastation of Affection', is featured prominently in 'One Bad Trip', a movie starring Coolio & directed by west Coast Film Producer Chris Palzis, that is slated for release by Lions Gate Films®. Made up of talented writers and versatile, skilled musicians, 2DazeOff blends diverse musical styles encompassing pop, hard rock, blues, country, bluegrass, and classical into a powerful melodic sound that is uniquely their own. Loaded with rhythm, melody, and emotion; the 2DazeOff sound has a proven track record of appeal to a broad spectrum of listeners. The 2DazeOff sound has been compared to Counting Crows, REM, 3 Doors Down, Blues Traveler, and Matchbox 20. Members of 2DazeOff have opened for, recorded & played with artists including the Doobie Brothers, Marty Stuart, Mark Chestnut, Patty Loveless, Kenny Chesney, Loverboy, and many more. Can't Quite Explain is the first cut from the album; it has that modern rock alternative flavor to it. One listen to it and you'll see why it was chosen for the movie sound track. Tear Stained Eyes, is a Rock Balled sang with lots of soul and emotion, with great guitar work, Setting a nice Mood to this track. Sorry to see You is a rocking track that features the talent of vocalist Rick Loughridge who wrote the song as well. This is really a cool top 40 sounding song that all will enjoy. Heads Will Roll the forth track from Devastation of Affection is a hard rocking track with searing vocals and guitar that is definitely a head and foot mover. Shine is a relaxing tune with great emotional vocals lines and great melody line, it's another of the bands diverse sounds and talents. Bang A Rang is another rocking tune that kicks ass and takes names, great guitar and vocals indeed. 7th Street is a kickin country rock song that is definitely gonna get your heels up and dance! Prelude to Endless to Changes in Eminor is a breath taking adventure in the realm of classical music. Written by keyboardist John Russ, this song is a must for classical fans and a great intro to the next song for which it is named. Endless Changes is a heart pounding blues rock ballad that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, with elements of blues, rock, and classical tones, this song is definitely a 2DazeOff adventure that will please all. Something to Say is the tenth song on the CD. A great rock tune that sings about life on the road. Great stadium rock! Change in my Life Is an acoustic tune with heart felt vocals, this is definitely ear candy for those easy listening country buffs, but with an air of alternative to it. 2DazeOff 'The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts' The Band Rick Loughridge; Vocals, acoustic guitar, drums, songwriting Rick is 2DazeOff's dynamic front man and main songwriter. A talented musician who is equally comfortable playing guitar, drums, and keyboards, Rick perfected his soulful vocal style and writing playing in numerous bands; many styles. Rick's voice and songwriting forms the basis of the 2DazeOff sound and has been compared to artists such as Counting Crows, REM, 3 Doors Down, Blues Traveler, and Matchbox 20. Steve Miller; Lead guitar, mandolin, bass, songwriting, producer & engineer Steve's skillful, soaring guitar work, strong songwriting, and tasteful production are an integral part of 2DazeOff's sound. A technically accomplished, versatile player and veteran of hard rock, country, and bluegrass bands; Steve knows that chops only matter when it serves the song. Bob Miller; Bass Guitar Bob's melodic, rock-solid bass style, combined with James Dillard's powerhouse drumming creates the groove and beat at the core of the 2DazeOff sound. Bob has performed, recorded, and toured in many bands with his brother, Steve, and is equally comfortable playing rock, country, or bluegrass. Bob and Steve achieved chart success with Fly by Night, one of many bands the brothers have performed in together. Bob is also a skilled banjo player. James Dillard; Drums & Percussion James studied drums with renowned percussionist Dave Bedell, and honed his skills performing and recording with numerous bands playing rock, metal, country, and jazz. An accomplished and tasteful player, he supplies 2DazeOff with a rock-steady back beat and massive energy. James achieved airplay with 'Man About Town,' and recorded several CDs with 'Wilder,' whose CDs remain big sellers in Japan and Europe. John Russ; Keyboards, guitar, vocals, songwriting John studied music arranging and guitar at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston with teachers including Larry Baione (now chairman of Berklee's guitar department) and Grammy-winning arranger Richard Evans. A talented, versatile player and arranger; John's keyboard, guitar work, and vocals have been featured on projects by numerous bands playing jazz, rock, metal, and classical. John's arranging, vocals, and keyboard & guitar work completes the 2DazeOff sound. Contact Information: Email: Snail mail: Raff Jaff Records, 900 S Pin Oak Dr, Springfield MO 65809.


Kunstenaar: 2DazeOff
Titel: Devastation of Affection
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 8-2-2005
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 809812007029
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