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It's About Time

It's About Time

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The name of the band was suggested at one of our very first rehearsals, The 25th Hour Band is an ideal--a concept that we shoot for--It is a magical time, the climactic last set of a smooth, powerful, soulful band, between midnight and 1:00am or so, when the music is cookin' and the good times are flowing---the audience can't get enough and the revelry and dancing prevails 'til the last encore fades away! In the last 16 years the faces of the players have been diverse, but Carol has been faithful to the concept of making music for the shear joy and therapeutic value of it, and as the years have increased so has the quality of musicianship...improving, like wine, with age. Throughout the 16 year journey, The 25th Hour Band has been a source of great music and great times in the Southern Maryland, D.C., Annapolis, Baltimore, and Northern Virginia music scene! With the harmonic ingredients of Carol's, Chuckie's, and Charley's vocals...mixed with the phenomenal musicianship of Jack, Al, George, Charlie and's a recipe that always results in delightfully tasty tunes (for the most part blended to perfection by Troy Jones' talented tweaking of knobs on sound)...Mm...Mm...GOOD ! Carol O'Neill Schachter - Vocalist Extraordinaire...Carol O'Neill began her musical career in the Pittsburgh area waayy back in her teens.... She migrated to Southern Maryland in 1985, and tiptoed into the Southern Maryland music scene around 1989, doing solo gigs with her guitar and taking any opportunity possible to meet fellow musicians. Because Southern Maryland is jam-packed with excellent musical talent, these meetings occurred quite frequently. In 1990, Carol was introduced to Jim Frazier - a talented guitar player from the Baltimore area, and they began a musical journey that took Carol down many roads with many talented artists. Since then, the musicianship of all the band members has evolved to such high quality that Carol has focused her attention on her vocal talent (although she exploits her guitar playing when she combines talents with Rebecca Schofield in their 10 oz. Budz duo act--showcasing the 'softer' side of Carol's music). Her taste in music covers a wide range of styles, and with the help of her fellow band members a pleasantly surprising diverse repertoire of wonderful music is achieved. When she sings, you have no choice but to pay's captivating! Carol looks forward to the year 2006 as the best musical year yet in The 25th Hour Band's history. The band spent the earlier parts of '06 perfecting their CD...and it should be available for all the fans who have waited so patiently very soon! Charley Bass - Lead guitarist/vocalist....Mr. Bass has got panache, baby! When he takes hold of a guitar, he coaxes feelings from the strings that transcend music and help his listeners comprehend that there is a Heaven! He began his musical journey in 1964, after contracting a terminal case of Beatlemania. Guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton are his inspiration, but his talent is his driving force. In thirty years of performing, Charley has been in countless bands, traveling up and down the East Coast. Charley spent a season in The 25th Hour Band over a decade ago, and since then the evolution of both Mr. Bass and the band has been all good. The coupling of his vocals and his musicianship with the other top notch players and vocalists in this band results in the achievement of material never attempted musically in the Southern Maryland area before. Their musical journey has just begun, contemplation of their destination is unlimited. Chuckie Pearson - Keyboards / vocalist -- Chuckie originally hooked up with The 25th Hour Band to help them out when their keyboard player couldn't make a gig...but when he agreed to become an active member of the band, he elevated The 25th Hour Band to new heights...his playing styles can go from smooth and beautiful jazz to butt-kicking honky tonk in the blink of an eye..and when you add in his melodic vocals the combination is awe-inspiring. He's been around the Southern Maryland music scene for decades, and has performed with Desire, The Reivers, The New Tempest, My Brother's Band, Whiskers and is very well known as a solo performer. Whether surrounded by other musicians or flying solo, Chuckie Pearson puts on one hell of a show! The joy of music flows out of every pore when he's playing, and when he shares that joy with the's contagious--and the crowd is swept away by it. He's like the Energizer Bunny...he just keeps playing and playing and playing and playing.....and baby it doesn't get much sweeter than that! Jack Duchesne - Drums -- Jack Duchesne is a human beat machine and has been setting the pace behind The 25th Hour Band since the summer of 1994. Jack began his musical journey when he was 8 years old with the help and encouragement of excellent local musicians, instructors, and his parents. Well before high school Jack picked up a fair amount of drumming and percussion experience with rock, jazz, marching and concert band music. While attending DeMatha High, Jack was a charter member in the school's broad music program and was involved in concert, wind & jazz ensembles, and local all-star bands. Soon after college, Jack became the backbeat for Dynasty Five playing top 40, Motown, 50's, 60's, rock, blues, soul, disco & country for nearly 10 years. Jack also played with other local bands, such as Phoenix and Leesburg Pike, during the late 1980's and early 1990's. Being involved with DC Blues Society events has led to a number of special side projects, fill-in gigs & recording journeys and friendships with some talented musicians throughout the years. Jack provides the punch and dynamic sensibility for The 25th Hour Band...the driving rhythmic force that demands the crowd's involvement due to his stellar talents. George Henderson - Bass guitar -- George is an exciting addition to The 25th Hour Band, and his wealth of training and experience has raised the bar on the level of musicianship that The 25th Hour Band now achieves. He stepped into music early playing tuba in 7th grade in the marching band. At 12 he started playing the drums, and his band told him to sell his drums to a better drummer and buy a bass...karma. The dynamic bass styles shared with the fans when George picks up his 7-string bass roll around the room and envelope the listeners' souls...and the back beat is maintained in an enviable dimension. George's commitment to perfection is evident in his playing style, and he is a joy to share music with...because that's just what he does...he 'shares' it, and all you have to do is climb aboard and enjoy the musical ride he takes you on.....sweet. His musical history in the Southern Maryland area includes time spent with the original Hubcabs (i.e., Mind Muck), The Tyler Everett Band, The Rievers, Whiskers, and Desire just to name a few. He has banged on the bass with the likes of Victor Wooten, Chuck Rainey, and Will Lee, and he is no stranger to the achievement of a resounding bass note that insists the listener pay close attention. Alan Friedrich - Sax - Alan started playing the sax at the tender age of 10. By his freshman year in high school not only was he playing in both the concert and marching bands, he also joined the St. Mary's College of MD Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of Bob Levy. This early college experience enabled him to make the Honors Band, Lion's Club Band and Who's Who Among American Music Students. Alan attended St. Mary's College of Maryland and accrued 8 years of "Big Band" experience while achieving his BA in Music, and often throughout his 8 years in the Jazz Band, toured the East Coast. During this time he had the pleasure of performing with Bill Watrous, Ernie Wilkens, and the late great Jerry Mahoney. He isn't limited to just saxophone..he also plays flute and bassoon. Since 1980, Alan has played with many bands, including Blue Wind, Stardust, Band of Gold and several saxophone combos--most notably with Ginny Carr and the Uptown Band. Currently, Al performs with the Southern Maryland big band Solid Brass, and fills in for a local blues band, The Blue Crabs. Since 1990, Al has been performing with The 25th Hour Band, and he seems to have found a good mix of music and a schedule that enables him to maintain his parental duties. Al's first love is jazz - and The 25th Hour Band gives him the opportunity to do some music he's been wanting to do for some time.... What he gives to The 25th Hour Band is immeasurable in soulful, melodic, cool, sweet sax and flute instrumentals that lift up the listeners to the ultimate elevations of musical pleasure..


Kunstenaar: The 25th Hour Band
Titel: It's About Time
Genre: Blues
Releasedatum: 31-10-2006
Label: CD Baby
Media-indeling: CD
UPC: 837101243803
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